DJ EVENTS: DJ Brian B at LIVE AQUA CANCUN for the Advisors Excel Corporate Party

I got an e-mail in February asking if we traveled out of the country to DJ Events. We surely do but once I heard that it was in Cancun, Mexico, the “yes” couldn’t get typed fast enough. The only challenge was I had prior engagements already scheduled for March 9-11th in Raleigh, NC. But with a little creative rebooking of flights, I made it work (as if I was going to let that stop me from going).

This event was a sales incentive trip for Advisors Excel, an insurance marketing organization, based out of Topeka, Kansas. They flew in 400 of their employees to Cancun to enjoy two days in the sun. With the brutal winter that most of the country has had to deal with, the 85 degree weather was surely a welcomed relief to them just as much as it was for me.

The event location was the Live Aqua Cancun, an all-inclusive resort, approximately 15 minutes from the airport. For international events, I try not to fly with gear if at all possible because unless you carry it on, there’s always a risk of it “disappearing”. I arrived a day early to make sure the gear I had on my rider was indeed there. After a quick check-in with the event staff, I was greeted to this view.


After a very busy couple of months, the unplanned day off was amazing. I just enjoyed the sunshine as much as possible. The resort was incredible. Cabanas lined up not only the pool deck but also the beach. I was able to enjoy all of the amenities (including the Mexican food)courtesy of the client.

Live Aqua Cancun Cabanas

Live Aqua Cancun Mexican Food

The next day I spent most of the morning working on my set – it was to be a 45 minute dinner mix and a 2 hour dance set. They had a Mexican trio playing for the cocktail hour. I did sound check around 5PM as the event planners were putting the finishing touches on the décor.

Advisors Excel

I returned just before cocktail hour to feel out the vibe of the party and was asked by the event planners if I could play for cocktail hour instead of the Mexican trio. Though I hadn’t prepped a set for that, I jumped right in and did it. Towards the end of dinner, a fire throwing dance crew gave a special performance before I went on for the dancing portion of the evening.

Fire Throwing Show

Once I started my first dance set, the party went off! In fact, we went an extra hour because no one wanted to stop. All in all, I ended up playing a total of 5 straight hours. Due to my engagement the next day, I got about 2 hours sleep before catching my early morning flight to Raleigh.  Such is the life of a internationally traveling DJ.

I really enjoyed working with this group as well as the event planners, Genesco Sports Enterprises. Thanks for including me. Let’s do it again!

DJ Josh B-Demonte Wedding at the Ramada Plaza Fort Walton Beach on February 15 2014

My first event of 2014 had me providing Emcee services for the wedding of Chris DeMonte and Kayte Steele. Their wedding date just happened to be February 15—the day after Valentine’s Day! So, to say love was in the air would be an understatement. Their wedding took place at the Ramada Plaza Fort Walton Beach, a beautiful venue on Okaloosa Island in Fort Walton Beach, FL.

DJ Irving G and I began the festivities by providing Wedding Ceremony Sound on the beach. With our cordless battery powered system, everything looked clean and sounded great! Classical music set an elegant atmosphere during the seating of the guests. For their entire processional, Chris and Kayte asked for an instrumental cover of the Phillip Phillips song “Home,” performed by the Piano Guys. The song is a meaningful selection for the couple; it provided a soothing air of remembrance as Chris began the procession by coming down the aisle carrying a framed photograph of his mother, then built to a perfect crescendo as the bride made her entrance.

Upon the officiant’s pronouncement of the couple as now being “Mr. And Mrs. Chris DeMonte,” we launched into the original, more upbeat version of “Home” by Philip Philips as the bride, her groom, and the rest of the wedding party danced and jived their way back down the aisle.

Inside the Ramada’s Ambassador Ballroom, the décor looked amazing with a gorgeous centerpiece of crystal and drapery suspended above the dance floor along with the floral arrangements by Connect with Flowers.

Ramada Plaza Fort Walton Beach Weddings

The main cake table sported a tower of vanilla cupcakes just waiting to be devoured. But what most guests stopped to admire was the groom’s cake—a miniature replica of a professional wrestling ring, complete with figurines of “Macho Man” Randy Savage and his beloved Miss Elizabeth hoisted upon his shoulder. The cake was the creation of Adonna’s Bakery.

Adonna's Bakery Wedding Cake

Did I mention Chris is a huge pro wrestling fan (perhaps you gathered that already from the groom’s cake)? Never was this more evident than during the wedding party’s official grand entrance. In my best ring announcer voice, I introduced the bride and groom as “the new undefeatable tag team champions of the world”. They entered to a thunderous standing ovation as the classic “Pomp and Circumstance” (the Macho Man’s entrance music) played in the background. It was an unforgettable moment for everyone!

Chris and Kayte shared their first dance as husband and wife to the son “Wanted” by Hunter Hayes. So as not to spend time on a lot of formalities later in the evening, the Father/Daughter dance immediately followed, featuring “Vienna” by Billy Joel—a song with very special meaning for Kayte and her Dad.

To set the party tone, DJ Irving G treated the guests to a short dance set before dinner was served. After dinner, the dance floor filled up with couples during our Anniversary Countdown then stayed full as DJ Irving cranked out hit after hit and the guests danced the night away!

Our signature “Garter Switch” was quite a hilarious spectacle! All the guests gathered around for not only a better view and a good laugh but no doubt a classic picture or two as well.

Ramada Garter B-Boy Productions

Kayte and Chris were one of the most easy-going and genuinely grateful couples I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. I wish them a lifetime of celebrations and hope our paths cross again.

Wedding Entertainment Ideas: Signature First Dance

So your wedding is coming up and you want yours to stand out in a unique way. Why not add our Signature First Dance? It is a sure fire way to make your wedding one-of-a-kind. If you’ve never heard of this, you’re probably not alone – which is exactly why you SHOULD add this to your wedding day. We are one of the first and only entertainment companies to offer this service and you could be on the cutting edge of what is sure to be the next “big thing” in wedding entertainment.blog_header_March_promo

So what exactly is a Signature First Dance? To state it simply, this is where we take whatever First Dance song you choose and enhance it. We set up a session where we record you both telling the story of either how you first met one another or the story of your proposal. One of the twists is that we have you both record your story separately from one another (and hopefully they match). Once you finish the recording of the story, we have each of you record (again separately) a dedication to one another … something you’d like your significant other to hear the day of the wedding. Then you leave the rest to us.

We’ll splice in the story throughout the First Dance switching from one person telling a section of the story to the other person telling their perspective of it making it appear as if it was told together. In a perfect world, the song will already have instrumental breaks where we can splice the recorded story without taking away from the original song or making it too long. But if that’s not possible, we’ll use our production skills to edit the song and add in some instrumental sections and have the story crescendo at just the right place.

It’s a perfect way for people to hear your story at such an intimate time during the reception. We’ve seen people laughing hysterically and others crying their eyes out because it’s so beautiful. The best part is it’s a surprise to not only your guests, but for the bride and groom as well. We don’t share the finished product until the wedding day.

After the wedding, we’ll send you a digital version of the customized song, as well as the raw interviews to have as a keepsake. We hear from past couples all the time that this MADE their wedding and the song becomes that much more meaningful.

What if you’ve already booked us as your entertainer and didn’t request this service? Or maybe you booked another DJ company? Not to worry! You can book this service separately and if you have another DJ company handling your entertainment, we’ll be glad to forward the finished product to them so they can play it on your day! Contact us for more information. Here are two samples of Signature First Dance recordings that we’ve produced:


Why Should You Hire B-Boy Productions As Your DJ or Event Agency?

Why Choose B-Boy

Photo courtesy of Anika London

January and February are typically when most of our DJ and Wedding Singer bookings happen.  Couples use the holidays to get engaged and then begin securing vendors shortly thereafter.  With a plethora of entertainment options available, I get these two questions often from engaged couples:

*Why should I book a B-Boy Productions entertainer (DJ, Band, Wedding Singer, Officiant, etc.)?
*Why do you charge more than the other companies out there?

Those are great questions which require great answers.  For us, these answers are easy.

  1. We are an established DJ and Event Agency.  We’ve done this for 18 years.  You can count on us to be there for you.  Staying in business that long isn’t the norm for most entertainment agencies and only comes with being the ultimate professionals and being dependable when it matters most.  Why chance your event on a company that has a limited track record (or none at all)?
  2. All of our entertainers and DJs have 2+ years of training before working your event.  We treat each event like it’s the Super Bowl and leave nothing to chance.  You deserve the best of the best.  Each entertainer has spent two years under the tutelage of our most senior and requested staff.  That’s over 100 events that they’ve watched or participated in (beyond our ongoing monthly trainings) before coming to your party.
  3. The DJ assigned to your event is your entertainer.  Nothing can be more frustrating that talking with somebody from a company all the way up to your event and then you show up only to see someone else you’ve never met as your entertainer.  From day one, we’ve held strong to this principle of NO “flip flopping”.  We go to great lengths to make sure a good rapport is established with your entertainer prior to the event so they can truly be an extension of you at your event.
  4. We have back-up.  Back-up gear is a given.  But what happens if your live entertainer or DJ gets in a car accident on the way to the event or has a medical emergency?  Thankfully, this has only happened once in our company history. We always keep one of our regular entertainers “off the schedule” as a back-up on each event day.  They are “on call” and can jump at a moment’s notice so you can be assured to have a B-Boy Productions employee who knows our gear, our music library, and has our style to ensure a B-Boy type party!  A single DJ/Entertainer will not be able to provide this crucial insurance to your event.  It may be rare, but when you need it, that’s when you’ll want it, and you know you have it with B-Boy Productions.
  5. We are the preferred vendor at nearly every venue in our local markets.  When venues refer out vendors, they are putting their own reputation on the line.  That’s why they only select the best of the best to be included on their referral vendor lists.  Not only do we have the required liability insurance that these venues require, but we make their venue look good by giving their clients incredible parties while being easy to work with!  Doing this in one local market takes time…we’ve done it in THREE markets (Florida, California and New York)!
  6. Instant customer service!  If I had to pick an area of our business that is our calling card, it would be here.  We reply to e-mails and phone calls almost immediately (even if we are at events) just to make sure you know it has been received. We keep our phones on 24/7 and have our e-mails pushed through to our phones well past office hours.  We hope to exceed expectations way before the event happens and this is just one way we demonstrate that.
  7. We know and HAVE music.  Our DJs and office staff spend hours looking for all the best music and trying new mixes.  With paid subscriptions to various record pools, our library is well over 60,000 songs and constantly growing.  You’ll never hear one our DJs say, “We don’t have that song,”  or “I’ve never heard of that song.”  If it’s available to us, chances are we have it.  This allows us to be extremely ready for any type of party thrown our way or change directions on a dime at an event.  All  of our edits are clean!  No need to worry about the explicit versions being played at your event.
  8. Your party will be rocked!   At the end of the day, this is what will be remembered and what truly matters.  Sure you can find some bargain entertainment options, but why roll the dice on such a crucial part of your event’s success? We will make sure your party is talked about for years to come (in a good way of course!).

We know we may not be a fit for everyone but no matter who you go with for entertainment, don’t base your decision solely on price.   National statistics show that within one week after their wedding reception, 80% of brides wish they would’ve made entertainment their top priority. It is what your guests will remember when they leave your wedding.  Hope this is helpful!

Winter 2013 Event Recap – in Photos!

So far the winter season has been filled with unforgettable moments — from the sweet to the silly to the somewhat surreal. Here’s a recap of some of the fun things we’ve seen:

The beachfront marriage proposal where he washed her feet

The beachfront marriage proposal where he washed her feet!




Tiny dancer

Tiny dancer


Daddy - Daughter dance

Daddy – Daughter dance




Flying ties ...

Flying ties …




Party rocking in the house tonight!

Party rocking in the house tonight!


Scantily clad women in huge hamster balls floating on the blue-lit pool?

Scantily clad women in huge hamster balls floating on the blue-lit pool?


You KNOW it's a party when the giraffes show up!

You KNOW it’s a party when the giraffes show up!

We hope that you’re enjoying the winter season as much as we are! From all of the team at B-Boy Productions Inc., we wish you the brightest of holiday celebrations!





Vendor Spotlight: Christina D’Asaro Design

“What I’m most amazed by is how you can change the entire dynamic of an event simply by the pieces of paper that you hand out to your guests.”

Those were my words to Christina of Christina D’Asaro Design the day we sat down to look at her portfolio. She specializes in custom paper-based products – everything from event invitations, to hand-held fans for an outdoor event, to coasters, to accordion-style programs for weddings. Her passion is to enable people to carry out the vision of their event from start to finish – from the second a guest receives their invitation to the moment they leave with party favors adorned with custom-printed labels.

Christina D'Asaro original coaster design

Christina D’Asaro original coaster design

Christina has a background in Fine and Visual Arts and a B.S. in Communications from Boston University. She spent ten years helping top-tier companies effectively market and brand themselves, and then, with her love of all things paper and her years of professionalism and experience, she left to create her own design company.

Christina D'Asaro Custom Favor Bags

Christina D’Asaro Custom Favor Bags

Christina provides personal consulting for her customers, and invests the time to get to know them well. She finds out what they care about, what they love, what they dislike, and if it’s a wedding, she gets to know the bride and groom’s story. She is then able to think outside the box, guided by the personality of her clients, to make their events come to life in ways they may not have otherwise known possible.

Christina D'Asaro Custom Save the Date

Christina D’Asaro Custom Save the Date

Christina D'Asaro Custom Save the Date

Christina D’Asaro Custom Save the Date

That’s what is so special about Christina – she pays attention to what her clients love and invents new ways to showcase it. She finds what’s special and makes sure it’s emphasized.

For a couple’s shower at a horse race track, she not only designed a beautiful invitation, but she also custom made bidding tickets that, instead of having horses to bid on, had trivia about the bride and groom. Far from being a formality, these unique pieces reinforced the summertime derby vibe that the couple wanted to bring to life.

Christina D'Asaro Custom Betting Slips

Christina D’Asaro Custom Betting Slips

Christina D'Asaro Custom Invitation

Christina D’Asaro Custom Invitation

Another great example of her creative concepts are “advice cards” for a wedding that depicted various scenarios. One said “When they have their first fight as a married couple.” Another said, “When they buy their first house,” and another, “When they have their first child,” etc. Guests could provide their piece of advice for the bride and groom, and place it in a box for the bride and groom to take with them to read and enjoy on their honeymoon. I told her how much that would change the reception – I could just see all of the guests going from table to table, trying to figure out how many different questions there were and what pieces of advice their friends and relatives gave. It’s these simple elements Christina creates that can add to the fun for guests and also serve as a great gift for the newlyweds.

If those examples aren’t custom enough for you, she can put her fine arts background to work. For one wedding that she did at the Bryant Park Grill, she hand-sketched the entrance and a side view of the venue. She then scaled down the one the client preferred and placed it on several pieces she created for the event. She did the same using watercolors to create safari animals for a custom photo album, given as a gift.

This attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile are what set Christina D’Asaro and her designs apart. Her level of skill and level of attention to her clients are rare even on their own, but together they make her an asset to anyone who is looking for custom-designed paper goods that help tell their story.

Christina D'Asaro Custom RSVP, Envelope, and Stamp

Christina D’Asaro Custom RSVP, Envelope, and Stamp

Christina D'Asaro Custom Gift Bag Tags

Christina D’Asaro Custom Gift Bag Tags


Loft227: The Event Space We’ve Been Waiting For

“I wanted to build New York. I wanted to build something that would stand the test of time.” Robin Sokoloff – jack-of-all-trades events extraordinaire – gutted and renovated a space at 227 W 29th St, turning it into what we at BBoy believe to be one of the best new NYC venues we’ve ever come across.

Robin Sokoloff

Robin Sokoloff

Robin, prior to investing in this space, spent a significant amount of time doing – well, just about everything. She has choreographed for The Atlantic Theatre School, NYSSSA School of Contemporary Dance, The Hip-Hop Dance Conservatory of New York, Students Live! on Broadway, and more. Her show “Spotlight Live” was featured on several notable news shows including “The Today Show,” “Good Morning America,” and “The Whoopi Show.” She was  a producer with Multi Image Group, she graduated from NYU and NEW, and is a member of The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America.

Why is all of this experience relevant to Loft227? It helped her see the need in NYC for a space like hers. “There are really big spaces and really small spaces. They’re all fantastic, but there’s no space for the middle ground – that place where you feel great and you can do what you want, but you still have intimacy. People want to meet each other and actually connect while having a great time. They can do that here.”



The year she spent as a carpenter  helped give her the skills she needed to do all of the renovations herself. “I don’t buy that people have to pick one craft and master it. I believe in mastering all aspects of what you’re a part of.” She also did all of the lighting herself, which was one of our favorite perks of the venue. Most venues charge more to use their specialty lighting, and charge even more for someone to be there to operate it. Robin said of this problem, “I know a lot of people who kept complaining that venues didn’t give them any power to change what they didn’t like about the space, so I thought to myself, ‘Why not offer a venue that does?’”



Clients can do anything they wish with the lighting – you can dim, turn off, or (our favorite) change the colors on each fixture to any color you wish with the simple use of a small remote. Robin joked about the simplicity: “Sometimes you just kinda feel like you need the whole room to be red, and people can do that here.” Cue the Halleluiah Chorus.

She’s already hosted a myriad of events from a private party for a professional chef to a club-like fundraising party to a fireside concert complete with cozy rugs, lamps and a faux fireplace upon which guests roasted marshmallows.




“People always ask me, ‘What is this space?’ and I always respond, ‘What do you want it to be?’” Robin’s biggest aspiration for the space is for people to make it their own. There’s a fifteen foot retractable movie screen, two  flat screen TVs, a VIP area, a full (and fully-stocked) kitchen, fifty chairs and eight tables, and a private bathroom – all available to anyone who books the space with no extra charge.

Robin noted of her own experience working with venues, “I worked casting commercials for four years, and rental spaces just weren’t cutting it. I wanted to give people a little more.” With Loft227, you don’t just get more – you get it all. With full use of everything in the venue and full freedom to rearrange and decorate based on each event, this is the ideal space for any event for 20-100 people. Check out New York’s best new venue and book your event today here:




DJ Spotlight: Graeme Cowgill

This week we’re excited to brag about one of our own – Graeme Cowgill. Graeme has been with BBoy since 2008, and has been one of our most-requested DJs for quite some time! He’s based out of California, and in true Cali fashion is one of the most “chill” people you could ever meet. We’re excited to share some fun facts and insights into the very tall man behind the DJ booth.

Graeme Cowgill

Q: Why did you decide to be a DJ?

A: I actually just got into it because my wife needed a DJ for an event, and I had a significant musical background – my mom used to be in operas. I have an eclectic music taste, so I decided I would give it a shot. I stayed with it because I just really enjoy using this skill that I’m blessed with. Wedding coordinators and venue people aren’t always treated the best, so I enjoy using the platform I have to really get to know them and make them feel valued.

Q: What’s your favorite part about being a DJ?

A: I enjoy DJing, and I’m not bad at it, but I’m certainly not the greatest. My favorite part about doing so many events is being able to connect with the audience, the bridal party and the bride and groom. I really let their personalities run the show. With weddings, the entire event is based on the relationship between bride and groom, and that needs to be carried out through the whole experience. I love the formalities of weddings when personalities come out.

Graeme Cowgill

Q: What’s the weirdest song request that you’ve ever gotten?

A: One time, an eight-year old requested Peter, Paul, and Mary. It would have just murdered the party, but I had no idea how to respond. I didn’t want to say no because it would’ve ruined her life, but to say yes, the wedding would have just ended right there. “Puff the Magic Dragon” just wasn’t going to kick it right then. I didn’t play it.

Q: Ever witnessed any strange or terrible wedding toasts?

A: The best and weirdest toast was when one guy during an open mic toast said to the bride and groom, “It just looks like you’re meant for him and that he’s meant for you. So it’s kinda like ‘Matrix Revolution.’” And then he sat down.

Q: What do you do when you’re not DJing?

A: I work for FCA Volleyball in Southern California. I meet with different coaches and, during the summer, manage a team of forty-two interns. I also used to be a youth pastor in the panhandle of Florida, which is where I grew used to being in front of a large crowd.

FCA volleyball tournament

FCA volleyball tournament

Q: Any good stories from those days?

A: Oh, so many. One time I let some kids borrow my truck to pick up a gumball machine, and they brought it back absolutely covered in paint. They said they got in a paint war, which I didn’t even know existed.

Q: Any advice to DJs or wannabe DJs out there?

A: From an events perspective, the biggest thing is to be someone people feel comfortable with. The vendor, wedding coordinator and DJ – we are all hired so that the bride and groom can relax on their big day and not have to worry about logistics. Meet and talk with the bride and groom before the event. Establish a relationship so that they know they’re taken care of and so that you’re taken care of in the unusual event of something going wrong. There’s a lot of grace established when there’s a relationship.

Lastly, I used to be super nervous because I was responsible for so much on someone’s big day. I used to have my announcements printed out, but the quicker I went from having it printed to just being myself was always good. I realized that people aren’t buying my announcement skills; they’re buying my personality. So I let that show instead of trying to be perfect.

Win a FREE DJ for Your Holiday Party!

B-Boy Productions Inc. is giving back this holiday season! We are giving away a FREE 4-hour party set, complete with expert DJ/Emcee and professional sound system for three separate events, one in each category:

November Giveaway – Thankful for Our Troops!
B-Boy is so thankful for our military servicemen and servicewomen and all you do to keep our country safe. Here’s your chance to win a free weekday DJ for your squadron! One winner will be chosen on November 15, 2013 and notified immediately. See complete details below.


December Giveaway – Giving to the Givers!
You volunteer hard all year … Here’s your chance to win a free weekday DJ to celebrate your volunteer team and their efforts – or to continue giving, by turning the party into a charitable event itself. One winner will be chosen on December 1, 2013 and notified immediately. See complete details below.


January Giveaway – Celebrating the Servers!
During the holidays each year, restaurant and event space employees go the extra mile and work tireless hours to create memorable celebrations for other people. Now you can reward your hardworking team with a free weekday DJ for your holiday party. One winner will be chosen on January 6, 2014 and notified immediately. See complete details below:


The Giveaway Details:

  1. Entry requires a brief synopsis of why your group deserves to win the party / who you’re celebrating / or other relevant details about the party you’ll throw if you win!
  2. One entry per person, per event.
  3. Must be 18 years or older to enter; U.S. residents only.
  4. New clients only.
  5. Winners must claim their prize within 72 hours or a new winner will be chosen.
  6. Prize includes DJ services and all music/gear required for one weekday party, up to 4 hours, for an unlimited number of people.
  7. Party must be held within 3 months of winning.


Vendor Profile: Sugar Flower Cake Shop in NYC

Sugar Flower Cake Shop

Note from Brian Buonassissi:

I’ve always known the importance of networking in the event industry. Blame it on my semi-introverted personality; I’m just not great at those things. However, when I do go to meetings, I’m always so glad I went. I meet fantastic individuals and usually always gain a nugget or two out of the content. A few months back, I went to a networking lunch in NYC and met Amy Noelle from Sugar Flower Cake Shop. She brought her iPad and started showing off some of her work. I was blown away. The creativity was the first thing to catch my eye. With each image, I saw the attention to detail and the uniqueness she brought to each cake. Then she started sharing about how she used as many locally grown ingredients she could find and that nothing was fondant (I’ve never been a fan of fondant). Her signature is the sugar flowers. They look so intricate and some could actually pass for real flowers!  Needless to say, she’s one of a kind. I ended up hiring her to make my wife’s birthday cake and she nailed it! The design was awesome and the taste was unbelievable. When I find someone of Amy’s caliber, I have to share it with the rest of you!!  Enjoy.

Tara's birthday cake from Sugar Flower Cake Shop. Awesome!

Tara’s birthday cake from Sugar Flower Cake Shop. Awesome!

When an outdoorsy couple tied the knot at the Central Park Zoo in New York City, Sugar Flower Cake Shop created a massive, six-tier cake, and offered it up on slices from a tree.

When an outdoorsy couple tied the knot at the Central Park Zoo in New York City, Sugar Flower Cake Shop created a massive, six-tier cake, and offered it up on slices from a tree.

When another groom proposed in front of NYC’s Alice in Wonderland statue, they created a “toppling” fantasy cake.

When another groom proposed in front of NYC’s Alice in Wonderland statue, they created a “toppling” fantasy cake.

How about a cake that looks like a Monet or a Dutch Master’s painting?

How about a cake that looks like a Monet or a Dutch Master’s painting?

Whatever you need for your wedding or special occasion, the Sugar Flower Cake Shop can build it … your imagination is the only limit!  And the best part? No gross fondant! It’s all make from local and sustainable ingredients iced in delicious buttercream. Sign up for one of their cake tasting parties to mix and match all of their different flavor combinations. SO much fun!



Have you ever thought of learning to decorate cakes yourself? You’re in luck! New York City natives can sign up for a multitude of decorating classes at Sugar Flower Cake Shop, including classes for sugar peony making, sugar rose making, advanced piping techniques, and even a special three-hour carved Jack-O’-Lantern Cake class in time for Halloween. Not in NYC but still interested in learning some cake decorating skills? Check out their cake decorating videos for some professional training.

And now an introduction to the owner of Sugar Flower Cake Shop, Amy Noelle:

In 2005, Amy Noelle didn’t envision herself founding one of New York’s most innovative food businesses. She didn’t think she’d be hiring staff, indoctrinating hundreds with her techniques, or seeing her creation featured in The New York Times.

The baker was no stranger to accomplishment. Growing up, she’d been one of the country’s most fiercely competitive—and highly awarded—baton twirlers. After college, she became an actuary, then a math teacher. Her life was quiet: she lived in the Hudson Valley, and raised fruit and vegetables—albeit in a dress and heels. “I got milk from the local dairy, and everything else from my soil,” she says.

But life would not stay peaceful for long. Driving her tractor, Amy was struck by an idea. Why make overly sweet cakes from pre-made mix, when you can get explosive flavor from scratch? she thought. So she learned how to bake well. She developed her recipes, then opened Sugar Flower Cake Shop, which designs custom wedding cakes using local ingredients, tasty buttercream, and an impressive range of sugar sculpting talents.

Before long, Amy was demonstrating her cakes in Martha Stewart’s test kitchen, and at Macy’s. Later, she opened her first cake studio in NYC’s fashion district—an ideal spot for her vivid, “couture”-style cakes. Still later, a Sugar Flower cake appeared in The New York Times. Word spread, and business boomed.

Now, Amy and her staff have baked hundreds of wedding cakes … and counting. They also lead lively sugar flower and cake-making classes in the cake studio, plus online video learning sessions.

Amy is glad she made the leap. “Running a business gives me enormous energy. I can’t imagine life now without this daily challenge,” she says.

Contact the Sugar Flower Cake Shop:
– 212/993-6441



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