DJ Spotlight: Graeme Cowgill

This week we’re excited to brag about one of our own – Graeme Cowgill. Graeme has been with BBoy since 2008, and has been one of our most-requested DJs for quite some time! He’s based out of California, and in true Cali fashion is one of the most “chill” people you could ever meet. We’re excited to share some fun facts and insights into the very tall man behind the DJ booth.

Graeme Cowgill

Q: Why did you decide to be a DJ?

A: I actually just got into it because my wife needed a DJ for an event, and I had a significant musical background – my mom used to be in operas. I have an eclectic music taste, so I decided I would give it a shot. I stayed with it because I just really enjoy using this skill that I’m blessed with. Wedding coordinators and venue people aren’t always treated the best, so I enjoy using the platform I have to really get to know them and make them feel valued.

Q: What’s your favorite part about being a DJ?

A: I enjoy DJing, and I’m not bad at it, but I’m certainly not the greatest. My favorite part about doing so many events is being able to connect with the audience, the bridal party and the bride and groom. I really let their personalities run the show. With weddings, the entire event is based on the relationship between bride and groom, and that needs to be carried out through the whole experience. I love the formalities of weddings when personalities come out.

Graeme Cowgill

Q: What’s the weirdest song request that you’ve ever gotten?

A: One time, an eight-year old requested Peter, Paul, and Mary. It would have just murdered the party, but I had no idea how to respond. I didn’t want to say no because it would’ve ruined her life, but to say yes, the wedding would have just ended right there. “Puff the Magic Dragon” just wasn’t going to kick it right then. I didn’t play it.

Q: Ever witnessed any strange or terrible wedding toasts?

A: The best and weirdest toast was when one guy during an open mic toast said to the bride and groom, “It just looks like you’re meant for him and that he’s meant for you. So it’s kinda like ‘Matrix Revolution.’” And then he sat down.

Q: What do you do when you’re not DJing?

A: I work for FCA Volleyball in Southern California. I meet with different coaches and, during the summer, manage a team of forty-two interns. I also used to be a youth pastor in the panhandle of Florida, which is where I grew used to being in front of a large crowd.

FCA volleyball tournament

FCA volleyball tournament

Q: Any good stories from those days?

A: Oh, so many. One time I let some kids borrow my truck to pick up a gumball machine, and they brought it back absolutely covered in paint. They said they got in a paint war, which I didn’t even know existed.

Q: Any advice to DJs or wannabe DJs out there?

A: From an events perspective, the biggest thing is to be someone people feel comfortable with. The vendor, wedding coordinator and DJ – we are all hired so that the bride and groom can relax on their big day and not have to worry about logistics. Meet and talk with the bride and groom before the event. Establish a relationship so that they know they’re taken care of and so that you’re taken care of in the unusual event of something going wrong. There’s a lot of grace established when there’s a relationship.

Lastly, I used to be super nervous because I was responsible for so much on someone’s big day. I used to have my announcements printed out, but the quicker I went from having it printed to just being myself was always good. I realized that people aren’t buying my announcement skills; they’re buying my personality. So I let that show instead of trying to be perfect.

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Vendor Profile: Sugar Flower Cake Shop in NYC

Sugar Flower Cake Shop

Note from Brian Buonassissi:

I’ve always known the importance of networking in the event industry. Blame it on my semi-introverted personality; I’m just not great at those things. However, when I do go to meetings, I’m always so glad I went. I meet fantastic individuals and usually always gain a nugget or two out of the content. A few months back, I went to a networking lunch in NYC and met Amy Noelle from Sugar Flower Cake Shop. She brought her iPad and started showing off some of her work. I was blown away. The creativity was the first thing to catch my eye. With each image, I saw the attention to detail and the uniqueness she brought to each cake. Then she started sharing about how she used as many locally grown ingredients she could find and that nothing was fondant (I’ve never been a fan of fondant). Her signature is the sugar flowers. They look so intricate and some could actually pass for real flowers!  Needless to say, she’s one of a kind. I ended up hiring her to make my wife’s birthday cake and she nailed it! The design was awesome and the taste was unbelievable. When I find someone of Amy’s caliber, I have to share it with the rest of you!!  Enjoy.

Tara's birthday cake from Sugar Flower Cake Shop. Awesome!

Tara’s birthday cake from Sugar Flower Cake Shop. Awesome!

When an outdoorsy couple tied the knot at the Central Park Zoo in New York City, Sugar Flower Cake Shop created a massive, six-tier cake, and offered it up on slices from a tree.

When an outdoorsy couple tied the knot at the Central Park Zoo in New York City, Sugar Flower Cake Shop created a massive, six-tier cake, and offered it up on slices from a tree.

When another groom proposed in front of NYC’s Alice in Wonderland statue, they created a “toppling” fantasy cake.

When another groom proposed in front of NYC’s Alice in Wonderland statue, they created a “toppling” fantasy cake.

How about a cake that looks like a Monet or a Dutch Master’s painting?

How about a cake that looks like a Monet or a Dutch Master’s painting?

Whatever you need for your wedding or special occasion, the Sugar Flower Cake Shop can build it … your imagination is the only limit!  And the best part? No gross fondant! It’s all make from local and sustainable ingredients iced in delicious buttercream. Sign up for one of their cake tasting parties to mix and match all of their different flavor combinations. SO much fun!



Have you ever thought of learning to decorate cakes yourself? You’re in luck! New York City natives can sign up for a multitude of decorating classes at Sugar Flower Cake Shop, including classes for sugar peony making, sugar rose making, advanced piping techniques, and even a special three-hour carved Jack-O’-Lantern Cake class in time for Halloween. Not in NYC but still interested in learning some cake decorating skills? Check out their cake decorating videos for some professional training.

And now an introduction to the owner of Sugar Flower Cake Shop, Amy Noelle:

In 2005, Amy Noelle didn’t envision herself founding one of New York’s most innovative food businesses. She didn’t think she’d be hiring staff, indoctrinating hundreds with her techniques, or seeing her creation featured in The New York Times.

The baker was no stranger to accomplishment. Growing up, she’d been one of the country’s most fiercely competitive—and highly awarded—baton twirlers. After college, she became an actuary, then a math teacher. Her life was quiet: she lived in the Hudson Valley, and raised fruit and vegetables—albeit in a dress and heels. “I got milk from the local dairy, and everything else from my soil,” she says.

But life would not stay peaceful for long. Driving her tractor, Amy was struck by an idea. Why make overly sweet cakes from pre-made mix, when you can get explosive flavor from scratch? she thought. So she learned how to bake well. She developed her recipes, then opened Sugar Flower Cake Shop, which designs custom wedding cakes using local ingredients, tasty buttercream, and an impressive range of sugar sculpting talents.

Before long, Amy was demonstrating her cakes in Martha Stewart’s test kitchen, and at Macy’s. Later, she opened her first cake studio in NYC’s fashion district—an ideal spot for her vivid, “couture”-style cakes. Still later, a Sugar Flower cake appeared in The New York Times. Word spread, and business boomed.

Now, Amy and her staff have baked hundreds of wedding cakes … and counting. They also lead lively sugar flower and cake-making classes in the cake studio, plus online video learning sessions.

Amy is glad she made the leap. “Running a business gives me enormous energy. I can’t imagine life now without this daily challenge,” she says.

Contact the Sugar Flower Cake Shop:
– 212/993-6441



Insider Advice: The Importance of Having a Professional Wedding Videographer – Part 2

Importance of Having a Professional Wedding Videographer

In the first installment of this post we introduced our two expert cinematographer teams – Sixpence Productions and Momentus Films – and we covered some of the basics of why you should consider adding a wedding film to your wedding budget. (If you missed it, catch Part 1 of this post here.)

Moving on from the basics, our experts explain how to choose a filmmaker that fits your unique aesthetic, plus answer some questions about copyrights and working with other vendors. Let’s dig in.

What should a couple look for when choosing a professional videographer? Is seeing examples of their films enough? Or are there other considerations?

Joanna of Sixpence Productions – Like your choice of photographer, your choice of wedding filmmaker is a matter of personal style and taste. And there is a huge range of talent out there to choose from. There are videographers who simply record the wedding and transfer to a digital media for you. There are cinematographers who work with multiple cameras and advanced editing techniques to tell the story of your wedding day with a cinematic style. There are video producers who create something akin to MTV music videos with brides, grooms, and the wedding party lip-syncing to the couple’s favorite song. And, there are documentarians who produce wedding films in a documentary style with extensive interviews from family and friends. The possibilities for recording your wedding are only limited by your imagination.

So here are some important things to consider before you start searching for this vendor … Do you want your film to have any emotional impact? Do you want the tone to be romantic or edgy? Do you want the camera crew to be by your side capturing every conversation, or do you want them to be unobtrusive. What style of wedding film do you like? Once you’ve identified these things, it’s time to start looking for a cinematographer who fits your needs.

First and foremost, you should ask any filmmaker whom you are seriously considering hiring to provide you with an entire wedding film from start to finish. Any editor can piece together a great three-minute highlight reel from a wedding day, but it takes a filmmaker to tell your story and sustain the energy of a highlight reel throughout an entire wedding film.

Secondly, be sure to request a sample wedding for the type of package you are considering. There has been a trend in the last several years towards “short-form” wedding films. Short-forms are generally 15-30 minutes long and include all the key moments of your wedding day. What they do not include are complete sequences, like the full ceremony (your sister’s solo, your grandfather’s reading of Corinthians) or something like the entire choreographed first dance you and your fiancé have spent months perfecting. By viewing an entire wedding, you’ll get an idea of what your finished product might actually look like. This way you can be sure both you and your wedding filmmaker have clear understanding of what kind of film you would like to have produced.

Thirdly, evaluate their technical expertise. Are their shots smooth and well composed? Is there good picture quality and clarity? Is the natural audio clear? What types of transitions, special effects, and graphics do they utilize? You do want to ask if they shoot in standard definition or high definition. Surprisingly, there are still folks out there shooting in standard definition.

Finally, be sure the filmmakers’ personality will mesh well with your own. Honestly, this is almost more important than anything else! They are likely to be with you all day, and they interact with your family, bridal party, guests, and other vendors, so look for someone who is professional, tactful, and friendly.

Jenny and Jesse | A Rosemary Beach Wedding Film

Jenny and Jesse | A Rosemary Beach Wedding Film

Celia of Momentus Films – Look at the work, and lots of it. If you like the first film you watch, view four more. What do you love about their style? How does it make you feel? Do you feel like you know the couple and their story after you’ve watched their film? Are you rooting for them? Could you replace any sweet couple in their place, or do you take away that their story is uniquely their story? Do you feel the seamlessness of the editing and music? Or does the music feel like an after thought? You should be able to view enough work online to narrow your choices. From there, you should look at client reviews and recent reviews as well. You can also ask to view a DVD of any work not presented online if you feel you need to see versions longer than 25 minutes.

Once you found a filmmaker whose work you love, talk to them. Ask them any questions that matter to you such as hours of coverage, turnaround time and optional edits or add-ons such as Super 8mm or same-day edits. Experience matters too. There are a lot of things that can go wrong in event filmmaking, and if you hire a kid to shoot your wedding, you’re vulnerable to paying the price their learning curve exacts, including: botched audio, bad lighting or wrong exposure, inappropriate camera placement, lack of stabilization, inappropriate dress, shirked delivery promises.

Check your filmmaker’s track record. How long have they been at this? How many weddings have they filmed? Do they film alone? (A minimum crew of two filmmakers is required to adequately handle all the demands of filming a wedding day.) We use three for the ceremony, two for the remainder of the day. It’s the right way to do it, and your film will suffer otherwise.

But mainly, and most importantly, view the work … and lots of it.

Epic Love Story | Feature Film

Epic Love Story | Feature Film

Can the video be shared in digital format so that all guests can relive the important moments — without copyright infringement?

Joanna of Sixpence Productions – We use music licensing sites which are specifically designed for the wedding filmmaking, and indie film producing industries, to ensure that we don’t abuse another artist. You’ll see the license slides at the end of every wedding film sneak peek that we put online.

Celia of Momentus Films – This is a big topic in our industry. One of our fellow filmmakers on the West coast was sued by EMI for using unlicensed songs in wedding videos to the tune of $150,000 per song. Thankfully, a well spring of really great music has come up as a result of the need for affordable, good licensable music. Prices range between $20 and $100 per song, a price we are happy to pay to protect our work and our clients when they share it online.

Do the photographer and the cinematographer “compete” and what is the best way to ensure they don’t get in each other’s way?

Joanna of Sixpence Productions – Hiring professionals who work together regularly is a great way to ensure that there are no “real estate” battles taking place on your wedding day. The other thing I would do is ask both your photographer and wedding filmmaker how they approach other vendors to establish a mutually beneficial working environment. It will give couples some insight as to how well these vendors “play well with others.”

Celia of Momentus Films – We seek clients whose budget for their film equals or exceeds their photography budget. After all, we spend approximately 10X the hours per wedding film as photographers do per wedding album/CD. On the flipside, if you can’t afford a great photographer, we’d rather you not hire a photographer at all.

We work alongside some of the most talented photographers in the area and in the country even, and share mutual respect for each other’s work. At this level, we all have the experience and sensitivity needed to share the work space, get the shots we need, and give each other the room each needs, without creating distraction.

For us, the problem arises only with package deal photographers who are paid little and expected to get a lot of shots in an hour or two. It’s not their fault, but the fault of the design of the photo frenzied cheap package. We’ll give you free stills from video just to not hire these guys. (We do, by the way, shoot 24 pictures per second per camera.) Still, we encourage you to hire the best filmmakers and the best photographers you can afford.

Please take a moment to visit these fantastic filmmakers and view some of their work.

Sixpence Productions
Joanna Banks-Morgan

Best place to see our work is our website:

Social Media Links:

Sixpence Productions

Joanna Banks-Morgan of Sixpence Productions has spent most of her 44 years in newsrooms or on sets. The daughter of a journalist and an actor, she was bitten by the producing bug early. She attended Cardiff University’s Journalism, Film, and Television program in Wales and started her career in 1992 with British broadcaster Westcountry Television. Before creating Diva Productions (the predecessor of Sixpence) in 2007 with husband/business partner Robert Banks-Morgan, Joanna worked for CBS 42 KEYE in Austin, Texas where she also attended St. Edward’s University, graduating Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Communications. Joanna is a regular blogger for the leading event filmmaking industry education group In[Focus]  — and will be leading a break out session on interview techniques at their 2014 event in New Orleans.


Momentus Films
Celia Hilton

Visit us online at:

Social Media Links:

Momentus Films

Celia Hilton is the founder of Momentus Films, a wedding and event production company that serves the Florida Panhandle. 10 years running, Momentus Films has been the Panhandle’s standard bearer of cinematic filmmaking excellence with a high dedication to customer service and the development of industry relationships. Clients include Visit Pensacola, HarborWalk Village, and the Santa Rosa Educational Foundation, not to mention the hundreds of happy couples who the Momentus team has been blessed to have served over the years. Previous to founding Momentus Films, Celia was an advertising creative director in Dallas, Texas, having received her Bachelor of Science in Advertising from the University of Texas in Austin.

Insider Advice: The Importance of Having a Professional Wedding Videographer – Part 1

Importance of Having a Professional Wedding Videographer

As professionals in the event/wedding business, we have heard from brides over and over again that there are a million details to attend to when planning a wedding – and often just as many unexpected costs. Having been privileged to work with some of the best videographers and cinematographers in the nation, we wanted to share an “insiders” perspective on why having a videographer at your wedding is so well worth the investment.

We’ve asked Joanna Banks-Morgan of Sixpence Productions and Celia Hilton of Momentus Films for their unique perspective on why a professional wedding film is a must have, and some tips to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth. Let’s jump right in …

Taking all the other “traditional” wedding expenses into consideration, why is a videographer/cinematographer a worthy investment?

Photo courtesy of Momentus Films

Photo courtesy of Momentus Films

Joanna of Sixpence Productions – When I was a little girl, my grandmother would set up our old Bell & Howell projector in the living room and we would watch old home movies. Sitting in the dark room was like going back in time for me. We would watch things which ranged from my great-grandparents visiting the 1939 World’s Fair in New York to me learning to ride a bike in the next door neighbor’s driveway in 1974. My grandparents would talk about the people in the movies, funny stories and sad stories, but the one thing I remember is being mesmerized by the flickering images on the screen.

Those old movies have all been transferred to DVD now, but they still hold the same pull for me. Pop in one of those DVD’s and suddenly, I’m a little girl sitting in a darkened room listening to the people I love talk about the past. When we produce wedding films, that’s the type of impact I want to create for our couples. I want them to be transported back to a happy time in their lives, warmed by the feelings of love that they have for their family and friends who surrounded them on their wedding day. Apart from photography, a wedding film is the only thing that couples will have after their wedding day to transport them (and future generations) back in time to that moment! It really is about creating a legacy.

Celia of Momentus Films – A wedding film is not only a worthy investment, it’s considered by many of our clients to be the best money they spent on their wedding altogether. Besides photos, a wedding film is the only piece of your wedding that lasts beyond the wedding day itself. Unlike photos, a well produced wedding film viscerally takes you back in time, allowing you to relive the feeling, the sounds, movement, emotion and action you experienced on that day. A film also lets you see and hear what you missed or what blurred past you. Destination couples can also send their film to all those who attended, and share it with those who could not make it. Many of our destination couples show their films at receptions held later on back in their home towns.

Nowadays though, video can also be used to wow guests on the day of the wedding, at the reception, with Same Day edits that recap the day’s highlights to music presented on the big screen. We’ve also produced highly creative concept films in cahoots with our couples ahead of time to surprise their guests with at the reception. For couples who want to share their wedding video live, we also offer live streaming in 1080p, with professional audio, directly to YouTube.

What does the videographer/cinematographer catch on film that the bride and groom might otherwise miss?

Photo courtesy of Sixpence Productions

Photo courtesy of Sixpence Productions

Joanna of Sixpence Productions – Oh my goodness, where to start … Rob and I are particularly good at anticipating moments: The grooms mom going in for a long hug after their mother/son dance, the bride’s dad hesitating before he walks her down the aisle, the fidgeting ring bearer who decides it will be more fun to play in the sand at his feet (we do a lot of beach weddings) than listen to the ceremony. That kind of thing we are ready for, but we are also constantly on the lookout for the other “stories” going on around us. Is dad practicing his father/daughter waltz on his own, in the living room, while the girls are upstairs getting ready? Is the bride’s mom getting teary eyed during the father/daughter dance? Is the groom’s grandmother blowing bubbles for the flower girls to keep them entertained? Is the father of the groom searching for the lost yamakas? There are so many things going on during a wedding day that a professional filmmaker can help document. You might not get married every weekend, but we are shooting a wedding every weekend, so we’re ready, and we know what to look for!

Celia of Momentus Films – For the bride, the entire procession before she walks in. What she looks like from the groom’s point of view. Groom prep. The scene of the day. Guests arriving and interaction. The ceremony from various point of view. Savvy brides already know this. But a well done wedding film should not merely document, but exalt the emotions of the day and express the personalities of the couple. Brides who appreciate the difference are the brides we want.

Why choose a professional wedding video instead of something shot by Uncle Al?

Joanna of Sixpence Productions – Have you seen Uncle Al’s videos? We’re not making videos, we’re making wedding films which are meant to become a family legacy. We have the best gear, cameras, audio and lighting. We’re expert storytellers and professionals who know how to interact with your other wedding vendors.

Sarah Jane and Brad | A Carillon Wedding Film

Sarah Jane and Brad | A Carillon Wedding Film

Celia of Momentus Films – Well first of all, Uncle Al is a guest and should be enjoying your wedding. In fact, all your guests should be present and focused on your moment, not in documenting it. Even if you have a guest or family member who is a professional filmmaker, you may not see that film for quite a long time. Editing takes a long time, and because they did you a favor, you’re now beholden to their generosity of getting around to it when they can. Good luck with that one.

Amanda & Tom | Beautiful Dallas Couple | Stunning Tallahassee Wedding

Amanda & Tom | Beautiful Dallas Couple | Stunning Tallahassee Wedding

In next week’s blog we will discuss what to look for when choosing a wedding filmmaker, and also some professional considerations such as digital rights and working with multiple vendors. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, please visit our contributors and view more of their exceptional work:

Sixpence Productions
Joanna Banks-Morgan

Best place to see our work is our website:

Social Media Links:

Sixpence Productions

Joanna Banks-Morgan of Sixpence Productions has spent most of her 44 years in newsrooms or on sets. The daughter of a journalist and an actor, she was bitten by the producing bug early. She attended Cardiff University’s Journalism, Film, and Television program in Wales and started her career in 1992 with British broadcaster Westcountry Television. Before creating Diva Productions (the predecessor of Sixpence) in 2007 with husband/business partner Robert Banks-Morgan, Joanna worked for CBS 42 KEYE in Austin, Texas where she also attended St. Edward’s University, graduating Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Communications. Joanna is a regular blogger for the leading event filmmaking industry education group In[Focus]  — and will be leading a break out session on interview techniques at their 2014 event in New Orleans.


Momentus Films
Celia Hilton

Visit us online at:

Social Media Links:

Momentus Films

Celia Hilton is the founder of Momentus Films, a wedding and event production company that serves the Florida Panhandle. 10 years running, Momentus Films has been the Panhandle’s standard bearer of cinematic filmmaking excellence with a high dedication to customer service and the development of industry relationships. Clients include Visit Pensacola, HarborWalk Village, and the Santa Rosa Educational Foundation, not to mention the hundreds of happy couples who the Momentus team has been blessed to have served over the years. Previous to founding Momentus Films, Celia was an advertising creative director in Dallas, Texas, having received her Bachelor of Science in Advertising from the University of Texas in Austin.

Recommended Creative Vendors on the Emerald Coast

This week on the blog we wanted to highlight two of our favorite Emerald Coast, Florida companies – two vendors that specialize in capturing moments to last a lifetime!

Momentus Films is a wedding and event production company that has been serving the Florida Panhandle for over ten years. Founded by Celia Hilton, Momentus Films creates cinematic masterpieces that resonate with the spirit of a truly creative and passionate team. Their talent for creating sentimental, unique and artistically professional films is unmatched … but don’t just take our word for it, check out the film from Laura and Shannon’s wedding in Seaside, FL. We dare you not to tear up when you see the groom’s face the first moment he sees his bride walking down the aisle:

We dare you not to tear up

Look for next week’s blog post for more from Celia Hilton as she shares her insights and insider advice on hiring a professional wedding videographer. Visit Momentus Films online at and on Facebook.

Michael K Photography is a Destin, Florida wedding and portrait photography studio specializing in a fusion of contemporary and traditional photography, with a keen eye for seeing light and capturing moments. Check out a few recent images below … and visit the Michael K website for more! And don’t forget to stop by and “like” the Facebook page – the images posted there are jaw-droppingly good.

Michael K Photography

Michael K Photography

Michael K Photography

And to wrap it all together, check out this new DJ Brian B promo video that features the film work of Michael K Photography and the mad editing skills of Momentus Films:

DJ Brian B promo video

July and August Event Recap – in Photos!

So far, event season 2013 has been filled with special events, bright smiles, delicious details and memorable moments. Here’s a recap of some of the fun in July and August.



A trendy cake with succulents! Mmmmm.

A trendy cake with succulents! Mmmmm.


And an equally trendy cupcake station – with gluten free option!

And an equally trendy cupcake station – with gluten free option!


We’ve been rockin’ events from NY …

We’ve been rockin’ events from NY …


To California …

To California …


To Florida … and many points in between.

To Florida … and many points in between.








The DJ has ‘em all lined up for a dance!

The DJ has ‘em all lined up for a dance!


And then the bride busts a move!

And then the bride busts a move!



As you can tell, we always have a lot of fun! Want to party with us? Hit us up! You can get a FREE consultation, right here on our website!


Blog Contributors Wanted!

Write for B-Boy Productions

CC photo courtesy of Sarah Reid via Flickr

While the B-Boy management team is extremely talented, we realize we can’t do everything ourselves. Because of that, we are looking for a couple of blog contributors to show their stuff!

We’re not in this for ourselves. We want to help promote you and your business as well so this is a great way to cross-promote your brand. We’d like to select our contributors soon and have everything in place by September 1st!

We’d love to recruit 5-6 contributors to blog on B-Boy Productions, Inc. We’ll choose bloggers for each category below. Categories are:

  • Decor/Event Design/Event Planning
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Catering/Desserts

We’ve outlined the details below:

HOW OFTEN WILL YOU POST: 1-2x per month for 6 months.

EXPERIENCE: Yes – Must have an active/updated blog. We’re looking for bloggers who have some knowledge of programs like Photoshop & have a ‘similar aesthetic‘ as B-Boy Productions. The posts you write for B-Boy cannot be posted on your own blog, but you can link to it from your blog.

WILL THERE BE COMPENSATION: Not at this time. But it’s a great chance to gain more exposure & collaborate with the B-Boy blog.

BIO PAGES: We’ll be adding a page with photos & short bios of all the current contributors.

RESOURCES: It’s very important to credit all images properly.

CREATIVE POSTS PLEASE: We consider ourselves creative. That said, we love reading interesting and quality posts with pictures throughout. So please put some LOVE into it!

PHOTOGRAPHER SUBMISSIONS: While pictures are awesome and we do want them posted, please make sure you add some written words to tell the story.

HOW DO YOU SUBMIT: If you want to give this a try, email us and let us know which category you’re interested in. Write ‘Contributors‘ in the email subject please. Also, please include a link to your blog so we can see your writing style!

WHEN WILL WE SELECT CONTRIBUTORS: If you don’t hear from someone at B-Boy in about 2-3 weeks from this post, it means someone else was selected. Unfortunately, we may not be able to respond to everyone. We will post the selected contributors in an upcoming post!

Thanks & looking forward to hearing from you!

Guest Blog Post – Ashley Kersh Fine Jewelry

Ashley Kersh Fine Jewelry

Today, we are thrilled to have Ashley Kersh filling in on the blog! Ashley is a New York City based fine jewelry designer with an insider’s view on everything from the engagement ring to wedding day baubles. There are some great tips for you fellas looking for the perfect engagement ring. And don’t worry ladies, there’s something for you, too! Everything you need to know about accessorizing your wedding day look. Read on!

by Ashley Kersh

Custom Wedding Jewelry

Gentlemen — You have paced back and forth reciting the perfect proposal, and have been searching high and low for the perfect location to propose. Now you must ask yourself: What are the key things to look for when you are choosing a custom diamond engagement ring?

There are a few important aspects to consider. First, make an informed purchase. Never buy out of pressure, anxiety, or adrenaline. Next, decide on a budget. Most of the investment will be in the center stone, so focus on that piece first. Never buy a center stone that is already set in a mounting unless it has a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certificate. What is a GIA certificate? There are many types of diamond certifications that are used to gauge the quality of a stone, but GIA is the most highly regarded in the industry for its stringent test criteria. I recommend never buying a stone that isn’t GIA certified. Also important to note is that when comparing stones, always make sure you are comparing a GIA stone to another GIA stone. A different certification could be one to two grades lower than the GIA certification and will not be a comparable benchmark.

If you decide to choose a diamond for a center stone, you will need to evaluate the various characteristics of the diamond: size, color, clarity, and carat. I suggest picking two that are the most important to you and run with those … you will drive yourself crazy trying to juggle all four variables. It is also very important to understand the dimensions of the stone. You need to be sure you’re not buying a bottom heavy stone. It is very possible to buy a 3 carat stone with too much of the weight underneath and have it appear to be more like a 2 carat.

When it comes to the setting, always go custom if possible. It will be created with much more craftsmanship, less metal, and will be more finely forged. Many jewelers will push towards a prefabricated setting they have in stock, which is why it is beneficial to find a jeweler who is prideful in his or her craft.

Rings by Ashley Kersh

Ladies — Congratulations on finding the man of your dreams. I imagine you’re now planning that perfect wedding — the one you’ve been dreaming of since you were a little girl. If you’re like me, you’ll want to sparkle in jewels that set you apart from any other bride — unique, one of a kind pieces.

Custom-designed emerald earrings

For bridal jewels — whether you choose statement earrings, a necklace, a tiara, a bracelet, or even all of the above — I work with each bride to make the details of each piece come to life. It’s important to consider the wearability of your jewelry. What do you have in your current collection? I always try to add at least one function where the piece could be worn in a different way. For example, you could make a simple diamond stud earring for the wedding, and for the anniversary add a removable emerald pear shape drop. Add an additional closure to your drop, and you could wear it as a pendant around your neck.

The inspiration for your wedding day pieces can come from a color, a special piece of fabric, or even a memory of a place that you have shared with your betrothed. From this initial spark, I make my sketches, and finally, after the twisting of metals and the setting of stones, your special pieces are crafted. It’s not only about creating something for that special day, but also creating an heirloom for your children and children’s children. My hope is that every piece of jewelry I make now for a bride will be the next generation’s “something old,” continuing to inspire young both brides and grooms for years to come.

Good Luck to you both!

Emerald Earrings by Ashley Kersh


Gold Necklace with Emeralds


About the Author:

In 2011, Ashley Kersh launched her New York City based company creating one-of-a-kind pieces for private clients. Ashley’s socially-responsible custom creations include rare and fine stones sourced globally and paired with world-renowned craftsmanship. Implementing different precious metals and finishes, Ashley’s designs harness elements such as diamond slices, vintage ivory, emeralds, and many others. Because Ashley believes in the versatility of fine jewelry, she designs with the idea that your favorite fine jewelry pieces do not need to be saved for special occasions anymore. With this mantra in mind, Ashley Kersh designs allow a ring to transform into a brooch or a pendant. Look for Ashley’s work in recent and upcoming media issues.

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Vendor Profile: Dear Wesleyann – Wedding and Lifestyle Photography

Dear Wesleyann Photography - 10

B-Boy Productions Inc. handles a lot of destination weddings, and in doing so, we’ve been blessed to work with some of the best wedding and event photographers in the country.

Our friends at Dear Wesleyann are right at the top of the list of folks we love to work with! Dear Wesleyann is a Florida Panhandle destination wedding photographer covering the areas of 30-A, Carillon Beach, Rosemary Beach, Seaside, WaterColor and beyond. With many years in the industry, Wesleyann combines experience and expertise with an efficacious attitude and win-you-over smile! We recently cornered her to get some advice and insights for our blog-reader friends and brides-to-be. Here’s what she had to say:

First, give us a quick recap on your background, experience, and what brought you to the beach?

When it comes to my background and where I’m from, I pretty much fall into that coined term of being a “Third Culture Kid.” Growing up, we were constantly on the move for my dad’s career. Rest assured that no matter where we lived, the Florida Panhandle is where we always spent our summers and had a way of feeling like home! After my 2nd year of college in Pennsylvania, I decided to forgo another year of the cold and snow, and decided to migrate south to the palm trees and Gulf breeze! Never did I have plans to stay here, however, after running into the first boy I ever dated from years past {at the age of 14} … well 7 years of marriage and two little boys later … we’re still here! I’m convinced the beach has a way of never letting you go!!

As far as my professional experience and background … I’ve been a shutter releaser, professionally, for 5 years. Coming from a creative family and living abroad, photography and art have always been a passion of mine. However, the way it became my career was rather serendipitous and ended up being one of those “meant to be” kind of things! With a degree in Communications, a minor in Photography, and life’s journey of ups, downs, twists, and turns … my first real career as a wedding event planner at a resort soon lead me to being a wedding photographer!

Dear Wesleyann Photography - 04

Dear Wesleyann Photography - 06

When shooting any outdoor event, weather is unpredictable. What other things does the destination/beach bride need to know? Any advice to share?

Weather here along the coast is very unpredictable, to say the least!! However, when you have a team of wedding professionals you’re able to trust … you can rest assured you’re in good hands! When I got married 7 years ago someone gave me words of advise that I held on to and give to my couples now – remember that no matter what may happen, at the end of your wedding day, the two of you are going to be husband and wife … and that’s what all this is truly about! It’s so easy to get caught up in the midst of everything and it’s important to always have that as a constant reminder!!

Dear Wesleyann Photography - 11

Dear Wesleyann Photography - 01

What trends are you seeing for 2013 destination weddings?

I think the beauty of wedding trends now days is that couples can do just about anything the mind can create and their budget can allow!!! I love that couples are making their wedding day sentimental with so many personal touches! One of my favorites I’ve seen a lot this year, is couples who incorporate family heirlooms into their day … it has a way of bringing love, commitment and family full circle!

Dear Wesleyann - 12

Dear Wesleyann Photography - 02

You excel in capturing details and emotions! Do you have a favorite “moment” that you always hope to capture at a wedding?

The fact that weddings are all about emotions, moments and memories, I think is what truly fuels my passion for them! Every wedding has those “first time moments”… The look on the bride’s face when she sees herself in the mirror for the first time in her dress, the look on the father’s face as he glances at his daughter one last time before walking her down the aisle, when the bride and groom see each other for the first time … and the first kiss! All those moments are moment capture musts! However, it’s the expressions and emotions just before and after … and then the unexpected moments, that tend to make my heart soar! It’s capturing those moments for my couples that makes a wedding feel “whole!”

Dear Wesleyann Photography - 13

Dear Wesleyann Photography - 07

In this age of social media sharing and Instagram, some brides are opting for an “unplugged” ceremony and reception – leaving the first images of their event to a professional. Do you have thoughts on this trend?

When I’ve attended weddings as a guest {and especially now that I’m married}, there’s something truly special and sentimental when you’re engaged in the meaning and words being exchanged as the couple commits to forever together! As wonderful as social media and technology can be, I’ve realized that it can also be a huge distraction … not just at weddings but during life in general! I think the whole “unplugged” concept is a fantastic idea so that you and your guests are able to really enjoy and be in the moment! Because we live in an instant gratification age, and because I know couples and guests are always so excited to see images from the day, I always make it a point to post a few images on Facebook and Instagram within a few days of the wedding!!

Dear Wesleyann Photography - 03

Dear Wesleyann Photography - 08

Dear Wesleyann shoots a lot of weddings, but you do other types of shoots too. Give us a quick rundown?

Over the last 5 years, I’ve captured mostly weddings and lifestyle {family, maternity, newborn, etc.} sessions. However, over the last few months, I’ve done a lot of soul searching in hopes of creating a balance between work and personal life. Weddings have always been my passion, so starting in the fall, I’ll mainly be marketing myself as just weddings and wedding related shoots — whether lifestyle or commercial. Even though I’m narrowing in on a specific industry within photography, I’m excited to be able to focus on the creative opportunities and new adventures where my heart truly is … in weddings!

Dear Wesleyann Photography - 09

Dear Wesleyann Photography - 05

We’ve heard you have a travel bug and love to do destination shoots. Where have you been recently? And where would you like to go (bucket list!)?

I feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to travel for weddings and shoots! I spent 5 years living abroad while growing up, which definitely helped to cultivate a love for travel and adventure!! This year, I’ve had the opportunity to shoot weddings in the North Carolina Mountains, Alabama, and this fall I’ll be heading down south to the Florida Keys! Next year I feel like I’m already on the fast track to crossing things off my Bucket List as I’ll be shooting a wedding at the Biltmore Estate! As far as other bucket list locations … I’m crossing my fingers and toes for a NYC wedding, one in California wine country … and then my dream is to go back to Paris, France where I grew up to shoot!!!

Dear Wesleyann Photography - 14

Dear Wesleyann Photography - 15

There you have it! If you’re looking for a fantastic, fun, joyful photographer – especially for a far away, exotic on-location shoot – B-Boy Productions heartily recommends you hit up Dear Wesleyann! And don’t forget to follow them on Facebook!

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