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JiJuan Pina

Headliner DJ/MC

JiJuan Pina
Jijuan’s relationship with music was etched in stone in the late 90s with the free trial version of Fruity Loops (a production editing software). As a lover of old school, funk and soul, Jijuan would mesh his modern drum patterns to samples of old vinyl his parents had hundreds of. “My parents had a LOT of records on vinyl, from Tchaikovsky to WAR – we listened to pretty much everything.” This appreciation for mixing music led him to a hobby of mixtape compilation, and eventually, working for B-Boy Productions.

Night owl or morning person?
I’m definitely a morning person. I look forward to getting up and knocking things off of my many to-do lists.

Social media platform of choice?

Starbucks order?
I drink coffee almost every day, but I’ve never ordered anything from Starbucks! I brew my own!

Favorite tracks?
I’m really digging the funk/soul projects from Childish Gambino lately.

Go-to party tracks?
Anything by Prince, or 90s R&B!


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