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Sheawna Pina

Headliner DJ/MC

Sheawna Pina
Sheawna’s appreciation for music began doing chores early Saturday mornings as her dad blasted music from artists like Kirk Franklin to Eric Clapton while they cleaned. That appreciation turned into curiosity digging through her older sister’s expansive CD collection in the late 90s where she developed a love for Lauryn Hill and Alanis Morrisette. Now Sheawna enjoys cruising the internet with her husband finding new artists and discovering new genres of music.

Typical Nickname? She-She was given to me as a baby by my older siblings struggling to pronounce my first name. It’s been since shortened to simply She, and more recently, DJ She.

Morning Person or Night Owl? Occasionally both! My most creative and inspired moments happen at night, whereas my most productive days happen when I get up early.

Social Media Platform of Choice? Instagram

Band or Artists Sheawna is Diggin’ Right Now? I typically have a short lived obsession with a newly discovered artist every few months. There’s so much music out there to discover! My current obsessions are Daniel Caesar and Masego.


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