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David Posey

Headliner DJ/MC

David Posey
My career with B-Boy Productions initially started in a sales/A&R role – hiring and booking out our private event bands. The DJ side of the business always intrigued me so in 2008, I decided to jump in as a headlining DJ/MC. As a percussionist myself for years, keeping time and matching beats actually came super easy to me. I’m a very laid back person generally, so my ideal client is one that wants a stress-free day with good tunes and a DJ to make announcements without the cheese. If that describes what you’re looking for, I’ll be a great fit.

Night owl or morning person? That’s tough to answer as I’m bipolar when it comes to this question. My day job forces me to be a morning person but my creative side loves late night hours. Suffice to say, I don’t get a whole lot of sleep.

Social media platform of choice? Honestly, I’m not on social media much. Call me old school but I actually prefer LIVE communication. However, if I had to chose one medium, I guess it would be Facebook.

Typical Starbucks order? I’m a standard coffee guy. Some would say I’m frugal, but I just don’t see the rationale in spending $5+ for those Starbucks concoctions.

Favorite party tracks? My musical taste is all over the place so I guess I’d say anything with a good beat that grooves, I’m down with.