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Tyler Chenault

Headliner DJ/MC

Tyler Chenault
Tyler has a one of a kind appreciation for music. He grew up watching his dad sing and perform in popular bands across the U.S. While learning to play guitar and piano at a young age, he quickly realized he had a passion for music much like his father. Tyler acknowledges himself as somewhat of a perfectionist and finds it very rewarding bringing joy to people in all aspects of life. He loves to teach people how to surf waves in the warm summer months but also found a perfect fit with B-Boy Productions. Tyler is excited to provide the best experience for any type of event.

Night owl or morning person? . Definitely a night owl. I can get done stuff 4X faster at night than in morning. Plus I am an expert at pulling all-nighters whether it’s to complete last minute essays or just staying up the latest with friends.
Social media platform of choice? I use Instagram the most to update stories and such but always come back to Facebook when I need to search for an old friend or video.
Typical Starbucks order? Tall Vanilla Latte with a shot of caramel is my go to but on a hot summer day, I love a cold vanilla frappuccino.
Favorite party tracks? Right now, I’m feeling the following: Audio (feat. Sia, Diplo, & Labrinth), Keep It Mello (Marshmellow & Omar LinX), Happier (Marshmellow & Bastille), What I Got (Sublime), Lights (Bassnectar Remix), Beautiful Creatures (Illenium feat. Max), Amber (311), Love Song (311), Friends in Low Places (Florida Georgia Line), & Get Along (Kenny Chesney)


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