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Brian Buonassissi

Headliner DJ/MC

Brian Buonassissi
While his age proves he’s still a young man, DJ Brian B is an industry veteran of 20+ years. His DJ roots were born as a nightclub open-format DJ. With his mixing ability and production background, his live shows are infectious. Eventually, “private events” is where he found his niche and a passion for them was born. From corporate parties, to fashion shows, to bar mitzvahs to weddings, Brian has taken his mixing skill-set and continuously delivers party experiences unlike any other. “There’s something about private events that make it more personal for me,” he says. “Usually they are a once-in-a-lifetime party (wedding reception) and I get an opportunity to be a part of something they will remember forever. That gives what I do purpose and goes beyond just mixing music.” He caught the eye of Hollywood and soon DJ Brian B started mixing celebrity private bashes. The list of high-profile clients include Elton John, P Diddy, Snoop Dogg, Gwyneth Paltrow, Tony Hawk, Jim Carrey, ESPN X Games, and the Dr. Phil Show to name a few. So what are his secrets? To him, being a great DJ is all about reading a crowd. It’s a talent that comes over time and not something that downloading the iTunes top 25 singles will give you. He has done so many kinds of things as a DJ that his sets always have something for anybody and everybody. He’s also big about interacting with his crowd. As he puts it, “Too many DJs are glued to their laptop nowadays and just push buttons. Crowd hype and using music to create the mood and truly entertain is becoming a lost art and that’s what is starting to really set me a part. I love taking my audience on this musical journey of ‘highs and lows’ within the music, where you see them literally joining you during the drum rolls and swaying with the digital sweeping effects until you get to that climax of music and they are right there with you the whole time! It’s something that never gets old no matter how many times you see it happen.”

Pre-Event Ritual? I’m all about positivity and encouragement –even with myself. So before I head out that door, I look in the mirror and say, “Go get em’ gorgeous!” Hasn’t failed me yet. {Heavy Sarcasm}

Typical Starbucks Order? I never thought I’d say this but I’ve sworn off coffee since early Spring. No caffeine for me. So, I go with the Mint Majesty hot tea or I can get hot green tea at a nearby Japanese restaurant, I’ll do that.

Social Media Platform of Choice: I’ve become less of a social media user personally but my “DJ Side” has had to embrace it. If I had to pick, I would go with Instagram – hands down, case closed. That said, I do try to stay active on all of it (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). Links below.

Bands or Artists Brian is Diggin’ Right Now: This changes literally by the week. My job is to be up on all the new stuff so I’m constantly picking new faves. Follow me on Spotify for updated playlists. At the moment, I’ll just say that I’m loving the up-tempo feel that all artists are embracing. Makes it fun to mix and keep the crowd energy up.

Brian’s Go-To Party Tracks: Tough question as typically my events are so customized. Unless it’s absolutely been ruled out by the client, I almost always try to fit in some Michael Jackson. He’s the King of Pop for a reason.


Connect With Me:

“Brian from B-Boy Productions was an absolute blast!! He is so kind and helpful. He used this app that was super helpful with organizing our music and creating a timeline for the big day. As a couple hosting a destination wedding, Brian was full of insight on the do’s and don’ts of the resort that made our night flow super well. His music was amazing! Never once missed a beat and catered to our music tastes. I know I sound biased but it was the most fun wedding I’ve ever been too! The dance floor was packed from start to finish!!”
— Courtney McCarty, Fort Walton Beach, FL (event date: 5/20/23)


“Brian with B-Boys played music for our ceremony and DJ’d our wedding and we were beyond impressed! He read the crowd perfectly and had our dance floor packed all night long. We have gotten endless compliments from our guests, many have asked us for his info for their future weddings! He was great to work with and really listened to us about the vibes we wanted. 1000% recommend booking!!!!”
— Emily Murray, Fort Walton Beach, FL (event date: 7/30/22)


“We were recommended B-Boy Productions by our wedding planner. Brian B Came out and showed out. We had two totally different taste in the music we were wanting, obviously simple + sweet for the ceremony and dinner, but once it got to the reception we were ready to party. He did a great job of playing the perfect music to get everyone out there and dancing and transitioning just how we hoped. He was so helpful throughout the entire process and helped us with all of our last minute decisions – even pointed us in the right direction to songs we had no idea where to start! Thank you for helping make the best night even better!!”
— Maggi Spurlock, Okaloosa Island, FL (event date: 12/30/21)


“Brian is the best DJ around. He traveled to upstate New York for us to put on an amazing wedding. We provided him with a playlist that we had put together and he did the rest. Anytime there was indecision or questions on our part, he was there to guide us and answer those questions. Many guests during the wedding came up to us and said how good he was and asked for his information. He doesn’t just add to the party he is the party. If you want great music, insane mixing and an even better person, go with Brian for your next event!”
— Ryan Cornacchia, Saratoga Springs, NY (event date: 8/6/21)


“The evening was so much fun, they made it so amazing with playing from our Daughter and her groom’s playlist plus more. Everything went so smooth and on time. Our Family, bridal party and guest all had a great time. Thank you so much B Boy Production!!”
— Michelle Richardson (MOB), Destin, FL (event date: 1/31/21)


“So I had originally researched best DJs in the area and I can across BBoy. I contacted him and then my in-laws who were paying for the wedding Insisted we use the Venues preferred vendor. I was irritated but very quickly realized he was the preferred vendor so I was happy to be back With him. I got so many compliments. People were saying the best Dj they ever seen. Everything was perfect.. The ambiance, (we did a gobo lighting too with our names on it) the music. I mean, perfect. Not a single issue and he had multiple emails and meetings before the party to reassure us. I was picky with my songs, he had to edit them.. if I could give him 20 stars I would. Just for his patience with me.Worth every penny. Can’t get better quality then this. Not just the music but the equipment and Brian himself was just exceptional.”
— Gia Roche, Okaloosa Island, FL (event date: 12/31/20)


“We were lucky enough to have DJ Brian B provide all music for our ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, and after glow. EVERYONE was raving about his music from start to finish. He did an amazing job of blending music and reading the room. We would 100% recommend him to everyone!”
— Kelsey Andresen, Park City, UT (event date: 12/12/20)


“Brian was AMAZING for our wedding! He did everything MC and music-wise: ceremony->reception. He knows exactly what he’s doing, every phone call we had with him up to the wedding was seamless. He takes care of little things we wouldn’t have even thought of. He sets you up with an app months before the wedding where you can choose your music or import Spotify playlists. Everything is categorized into timeline so it’s easy to choose “seating of the mother’s” or “cake cutting” songs. After looking over the music we chose, he saw our style and knew EXACTLY what filler songs to weave in (he also asked first if it was ok he do this!). His transitions between songs was also spot on, there was never a lull or an awkward silence. I can’t recommend Brian enough!!!”
— Caroline Bielby, Tallahassee, FL (event date: 12/5/20)


“Fantastic DJ skills, everyone loved him. Worked great with the crowd!! “Best DJ ever!” This is what we have heard from all of our guests about DJ Brian. He is fantastic. He engaged the crowd and brought the whole event together. The app he uses that allowed us and some of our guests to submit song requests is great. My wedding party was not a traditional wedding party and I had a different idea to replace the traditional father daughter dance. Brian was so encouraging and agreeable with my ideas. He truly made our night a party that no one will soon forget. So many of our friends have said it was the best wedding they have attended and I truly believe a big part of that was DJ Brian. One of the best decisions we made was to hire DJ Brian!!”
— Tom Truman and Tiffany Anderson, Tallahassee, FL (event date: 11/7/20)


“Best DJ ever, had everyone dancing and having a good time which is especially impressive with a micro wedding during covid. Amazing!!!”
— Anabelle Netter, Barnard, VT (event date: 10/3/20)


“Brian absolutely MADE our daughter’s wedding! From pre-ceremony, ceremony, dinner and reception, he did not miss a moment to make it the evening our daughter and son-in-law dreamed of. All our children are married now, but if there’s an occasion where we need a DJ, Brian is our first call.”
— Carolyn Swanson, Scottsdale, AZ (event date: 9/26/20)


“We had Brian as the DJ, which I must say he got the guests dancing and was very engaging. Thank You B-Boy Productions for an all-around wonderful experience.”
— Ashley Hassell, Destin, FL (event date: 9/20/20)


“We had the absolute BEST wedding ever and it was all due to Brian!!! He played the best music and got the crowd involved. We seriously didn’t leave the dance floor. I couldn’t be more thankful!!”
— Emily Easterbrook, Panama City Beach, FL (event date: 8/29/20)


“DJ Brian B was an excellent addition to our wedding day and went above and beyond our expectations. As some background, we had our wedding (ceremony and reception) at Tower Club in Dallas, TX. DJ Brian B was recommended to us from a family friend with rave reviews. We were specifically looking for a DJ that could create a fun party and dancing atmosphere, and were concerned local DJs would be more generic wedding DJs. Besides his DJ services, he also provided a selfie booth.

The pre-wedding process with him was very straight forward and he was very easy to email at any point with questions or additional information (email was easiest for me to use given my job). He also has a phone app you can use as soon as you book with him to indicate what type of music you want at different points in the night (cocktail hour vs dinner vs dancing, etc.). Everything was easy to coordinate prior to the day of.

I can’t say enough good things about the music at the reception. At one point during a speech a specific song was mentioned, and he already had it queued up to play at the end of the speech, no prior planning went into that. The music drew large crowds onto the dance floor all night, and while there were a variety of ages out there, it did skew toward husband and my friends. DJ Brian B had a wonderful mix of songs in line with our requests and never let it slow down. Finally, the night of guests were telling us how awesome the DJ was and how much they enjoyed the music. Selfie Booth was also a huge hit, and we’re so glad we have those pictures/boomerangs along with the professional photos from our photographer.”
— Stephanie Kiehnle, Dallas, TX (event date: 12/7/19)


“Brian was an amazing DJ and had everyone dancing all night! Even after we left, people came back to continue dancing without us. If you want to make sure everyone has a great time at your wedding, Brian will make it happen!”
— Marshall Deogracia, Newport Beach, CA (event date: 11/2/19)


“My husband and I got married in Santa Rosa Beach, FL and had our reception on the back patio at Bud & Alley’s Beachfront Restaurant. The most important aspect of our wedding for my husband and I was our dance floor. We wanted a high energy vibe that had everyone on their feet no matter their age! It was also very important to us to avoid the cliche wedding songs that you want to hit next on halfway through or can’t really dance to. DJ Brian had an app that we loaded some songs into, a couple emails, a meeting, and Brian nailed the exact vibe we were going for! Actually, he created something beyond what we had imagined. To this day, our family and friends talk about our dance floor and DJ! We truly cannot rave enough about DJ Brian B.”
— Alli Moffett, Santa Rosa Beach, FL (event date: 10/19/19)


“What can I say — except that booking DJ Brian B was probably the best choice we made in planning our wedding. My husband and I knew we were having a relatively large wedding in Brooklyn, NY, and that our friends and family would want to dance all night, so choosing a DJ was one of the biggest decisions for us. We wanted someone who would get “us” and our vibe — who could host as if they knew us, seamlessly and effortlessly guiding the flow of the evening, but also would play music that would make us excited to get out there and spend all night on the dance floor. When we found Brian, it seemed almost too good to be true. How could he do so many weddings, in so many places, and get it right every single time? Every reviewer had the same comments — “my friends and family can’t stop talking about DJ Brian B” — I honestly thought it was too good to be true. A few weeks after our wedding, here I am saying the same things! Brian is extremely gifted at what he does. He understands music and people, he is an effortless host, and he has so much energy and enthusiasm for his clients and their guests, and that is why he gets it right every time. We are so appreciative of the guidance he gave us, as well as his openness to our ideas (and our changes!) for the night. I have been telling all of our friends and family that they should book DJ Brian B just so that I have a chance to be on his dance floor again. Thank you, Brian, for giving us the party we were hoping for!”
— Kate Rotunno, Brooklyn, NY (event date: 10/12/19)


“DJ Brian was beyond fantastic. I remember when we first called Brian to make our arrangements for our wedding day in Seaside, FL, he made my soon to be wife so happy and comfortable as he was a complete professional in communicating with her; making her feel as though she was the only bride in the world and that he was going to make everything very simple. Throughout the entire process, Brian made sure we knew the music and production part of our reception at Bud & Alley’s would go without a hitch. We were able to personalize some portions of the reception and asked Brian to play music throughout the “dance party” to get folks up and moving. We were not sure how our families would mesh and if anyone would get up and start dancing but Brian was pushing all the right buttons (spinning all the bomb vinyls). By the time our reception was over, no one had left, and everyone was out of their chair and on the dance floor. He had keen sense of the “pulse” of the audience and just did a wonderful job. I was skeptical about having a DJ at our wedding reception instead of a live band, but I am so very grateful that we went with Brian; our wedding would not have been anywhere close to as fun or memorable without him.”
— Luke Fries, Seaside, FL (event date: 10/10/19)


“You’ve found your DJ. It’s Brian. No need to look at anyone else. My husband and I are both musicians, I’m also in the wedding industry myself, and we initially wanted a live band for our wedding. But then we realized we were too picky our budget was limiting, and we did still want the sound and songs we wanted. So, with trepidation, we started looking for a DJ. Our close friends spoke super highly of their DJ who played their wedding in Florida a few years ago, so we reached out and found out– Brian travels all over! He will travel anywhere! So we met him on Facetime, he was an absolute doll, organized, but still relaxed, kind, and knows A LOT about music. He had a super streamlined way for us to pick music and he’s excellent with communication via email and phone. He lives in NYC like we do, but we didn’t even need to meet in person until the wedding day, because we were all in sync and updated all along the way. His actual set up he had for us on the dance floor was super-small and sleek, and in the *best way* you hardly know he’s there. Except for the fact that you (occasionally and only when necessary) hear him get on the mic, and for the fact NO ONE LEFT OUR DANCE FLOOR THE ENTIRE NIGHT. 6pm-10pm. We had guests from 15 to 85 years old, and everyone was on their feet the whole night, which is very rare, and really what mattered to us in the end. His transitions are FIRE, everyone was loving him, and still talk about him months later when we talk about our wedding. And he’s the NICEST GUY. Down to earth, not a performer (in the way some DJ’s are…) whatsoever. With DJ’s, we felt ‘where do we even begin with searching for one? how will we know if he’s good?’ Brian’s good. SO GOOD.”
— Joanna Krupnick, Martha’s Vineyard, MA (event date: 9/21/19)


“Can I rate more than 5 stars??? BEST DJ IN THE GAME! No one stopped dancing for 4 hours! We even had to extend the reception! My guests wanted to get up and dance during dinner! Really held our hand through the whole process. Receptive to all our thoughts and ideas. Friends and family were blown away. Brian truly made our day perfect! Look no further for your DJ than DJ Brian B!”
— Melissa Thompson, Park City, NY (event date: 7/20/19)


“I was recommended DJ Brian by a guy who played my sister’s wedding – I was initially hoping my sister’s DJ would be free but DJ Brian ended up being THE BEST DJ I COULD HAVE EVER HOPED FOR! He was professional, spent quite a bit of time on the phone with us ahead of time to get a sense of what we wanted our “vibe” to be, and traveled to the space ahead of time to give me his advice about how the layout would work. Most importantly, all of my guests are still to this day (6 mo later) talking about the MOST FUN they’ve ever had dancing the night away to his tunes. He took our list of songs and made it his own, doing cool mixes/mashups and adding others that made perfect sense together. Folks did not stop dancing all night. If I could give Brian a 15/10 I would! I cannot recommend him highly enough.”
— Sarah Voutyras, Brooklyn, NY (event date: 5/26/19)


“We originally had our heart set on a live band. At the suggestion of our planner, we interviewed a few DJs. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to use Brian.

I work in music, so I’m pretty picky. I gave him a list of songs across all genres. He seamlessly weaved them into a fantastic mix, even making some great mashups. There was no break in the fun, but some appropriate slow moments for eating and bar visiting. He orchestrated the final dance perfectly, and this became one of our favorite wedding moments. He took our favorite rock ballad and got the whole dance party around us for a massive dancing group hug. It was truly amazing.

Brian knows when to guide, and when to fade away. Never cheesy. Guests loved him.

His fees are all-inclusive, transparent and VERY reasonable. We will absolutely use him for future events.

Brian – thanks for making our wedding day a hit!”
— Andy Blount, Scottsdale, AZ (event date: 3/2/19)


“Brian exceeded all expectations and created an amazing reception atmosphere! We had tons of compliments from our guests, and most of all the bride was extremely happy! Brian was fun and easy to work with leading up to the wedding – he was prompt and methodical in chatting with us to get a real sense of the personality of our crowd so he could tailor his DJ and emcee engagement to match our flavor. He offered some cool details with lights, wedding logo, the “cloud” and an amazing twist to make the first dance surpass anything you’ve seen before. Some of those details blew us away, so ask him! When even my guy friends were speechless about the first dance, it says a lot – and it was all Brian’s doing. As a DJ and emcee, Brian is a natural with the crowd, professional, well-dressed, and literally added to the fun-ness of the reception. It goes without saying that he’ll take song requests before and during the event, and he gave great recommendations – ask him about “east coast” vs “west coast” formats – we loved these details that made the reception unforgettable. Brian was recommended to us, and we think he’s the best out there.”
— Charlie Escher, Destin, FL (event date: 10/6/18)


“If you have the chance to hire Brian, and you don’t do it, you would be absolutely crazy. Brian was not just the best wedding DJ we’ve heard – all night, we had guests telling us he was the best wedding DJ they heard. The dance floor was open from 9pm to 2am, and he kept people going all night. (One sample comment, from a sober guest, “I had at least 20 percent more energy because of the DJ.) At the end of the night, our friends tried to start a “DJ Brian B” chant because they had become such big fans. Brian was professional, created great mixes, brought excellent equipment and a great team. There is no doubt in our mind that Brian was one of the best parts of our wedding (and that’s saying something, we had a great wedding!) If you’re reading this review and still trying to figure out whether you should hire Brian, stop reading and hire Brian. You (and your guests) will be glad you did!”
— Jacqui Kappler, Asbury Park, NJ (event date: 8/4/18)


“I can’t say enough about Brian and the amazing job he did for my wedding. My wife and I planned our wedding in just over four weeks. We had a short time to find a DJ in the summer time in Scottsdale (AZ). Brian was very easy to work with and accessible during the planning, even though he is based out of town. My wife and I have very different tastes in music, but Brian was able to blend them together to create the perfect sound and mood for our wedding. He kept our family and friends dancing all night…!”
— John Lamkin, Scottsdale, AZ (event date: 7/14/18)


“Brian was the best!! He made sure that we were always happy throughout the whole wedding process – from the beginning and having a creative planning song, to having an APP where we and our guests could add songs, to doing an amazing job of reading the room and playing the best music for our wedding, Brian does it all and does it the best! We can’t say enough good things about him! Brides, he’s going to make sure your day is amazing and that your guests are dancing the whole time! :)”
— Amanda Hebert, New Orleans, LA (event date: 5/19/18)


“We recently had a wedding in Hesperus Colorado with our outstanding DJ Brian. Brian is a DJ we will highly recommend to anybody having a wedding/function. He was truly amazing with all of our wedding planning! Guiding us through the whole wedding process with ideas and options. Brian was always available to talk when we needed him and made sure we didn’t have any unanswered questions or concerns leading up to the big day! He really does make your dream wedding come true and does an incredible job keeping your guest up and dancing!”
— Madison Plettl, Durango, CO (event date: 10/20/17)


“B-Boy Productions provided AMAZING services!!! DJ Brian went way beyond providing music. He provided lighting, visual effects and even had a fog machine. The music was incredible and no of my guest were bored. He’s not a DJ that you have to supply a ton of songs to, just give him vibe and he’ll have your wedding tuned to perfection. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!!”
— Felicia Roszie, Panama City Beach, FL (event date: 10/14/17)


“I always thought I would want a band for my wedding. However, when it came down to the research we just couldn’t find one that we loved that also covered all the genres we were looking for. Brian B knew my struggles and assured me he could put on a great reception with all the music we were wanting and i am SO glad I chose him. I had a destination wedding of 75 guests and the dance floor was completely packed the entire time. I would recommend Brian B over and over again. Truly the best DJ out there.”
— Kindra Goben, Destin, FL (event date: 9/29/17)


“Brian was an absolute pleasure to work with! He was very receptive to our music tastes and helped create the perfect vibe for our wedding. He made my husband and I feel very confident in him creating the right environment for us and our guests. He was extremely professional, but also connected with us on a personal level to ensure our night was a reflection of our personalities as well. From walking down the aisle to our very last song – Brian brought our vision to life and I would absolutely recommend his services to anyone!!”
— Megan Nee, Avon By The Sea, NJ (event date: 9/15/17)


“Brian DJ’d our wedding May 13th, 2017 and we can not recommend him enough! From the very beginning he was so helpful, offering suggestions and recommendations, and was easy to get ahold of any time I had a question. During the reception he played great music and kept the dance floor packed the whole night. He took requests and even played some (probably not easy to find) Turkish music we asked for. We’ve had several guests mention to us, when talking about the wedding, how good the music was and how FUN it was! We owe a lot of that to DJ Brian B. He was also a great MC, the flow of events (intros, bouquet/garter toss, cake cutting, etc) went so smoothly. Overall couldn’t have been happier with our DJ choice, would give more stars if I could!”
— Jessica McElvoy, Bayville, NY (event date: 5/13/17)


“We booked Brian through a wedding talent agency so we did not meet him or speak to him until a couple weeks before our wedding, but he had been recommended from our rep at the talent agency and he lived up to the recommendation. Our wedding was fairly small (under 50 guests) and Brian kept the mood perfect with his selections throughout the entire night and having a small group, he kept people on the dance floor. In addition, he was great at keeping everything on schedule from bouquet toss to toasts to everything else in between, announcing things and then having great music in between.”
— Kristen Antolovich, New York, NY (event date: 4/30/17)


“We had our wedding last month in Sandestin Bayview Room & Terrace & DJ Brian B was our DJ for our ceremony/reception and we have nothing negative to say! Everything was positive & he made our wedding awesome & top notch! All guests enjoyed themselves all night including us! It was so easy planning out everything with Brian and he eased my mind at times I was getting stressed about things. He kept the party going all night & the open air photo booth he suggested having at the reception was a real big hit!! Highly recommend his services for your wedding or any occasion and having an open air photo booth also, totally worth it!!”
— Cindy Herrera, Sandestin, FL (event date: 4/21/17)


“We can’t thank Brian enough for everything he did to make our reception so wonderful. We loved the mood he set during drinks and dinner, and then he got everyone onto the dance floor. We are still hearing from family and friends how much they loved every song and the energy he brought. Brian was generous and flexible and stayed an extra half hour after our dinner went longer than expected. He was also gracious to work within our budget. We will be sending many referrals his way! Excellent service and talent!”
— Courtney Smith, New York, NY (event date: 3/11/17)


“Hiring Brian to DJ our wedding in Texas was an absolute no-brainer. As a former, professional wedding planner, Brian and I have worked closely together for several years — and was always my go-to when referring clients in need of a phenomenal DJ for their event. There was no question in my mind that Brian would DJ our reception (in fact, we didn’t select a date until we knew he was available!). Not only does Brian’s professionalism and expertise shine above any other DJ I’ve worked with in the wedding industry, his ability to accommodate any type of crowd never ceases to amaze me. He’s patient, friendly, flexible, an expert in his field, works seamlessly with your team wedding vendors (trust me when I say this is HUGE and will make all the difference on your wedding day!), never bats an eye when an off-the-wall request is thrown his way, and is just an all-around pleasant guy to be around. Whether you’re looking for a more traditional reception with guests boogieing all night to today’s top hits, or you’re looking to incorporate your cultural traditions (Indian music? Irish jig? No problem.), Brian won’t miss a beat in setting the tone of your reception — and knocking it out of the park. Take it from a professional when I say: HIRE BRIAN. You can fully, 100% trust that your reception is in amazing hands with him. And the bonus? He travels. Anywhere. Which absolutely rocks. No regrets whatsoever.”
— Jennifer Fisher, Austin, TX (event date: 10/29/16)


“DJ Brian B did such an amazing job. Everyone we have talked to about the wedding has been raving about our DJ. We’re so glad you came to Phili for us!”
— Cynthia Cardona, Philadelphia, PA (event date: 10/8/16)


“DJ Brian B was absolutely incredible and we couldn’t have asked for a better DJ. Being out of town the online portal they use is extremely helpful for planning purposes. Brian took the time to thoroughly plan out every single detail of our reception with us and was so kind and flexible with everything (Hurricane Hermine caused us to move some things around wedding day). It’s almost been a month and our friends and family are STILL talking about how amazing our reception was. Brian really takes into account exactly what you want for your special day and you never feel like just another wedding with him – he fully understands the importance of your day and goes above and beyond in every way. We would HIGHLY recommend DJ Brian B! We promise you will not regret booking him for your event!”
— Courtney Pflug, Sandestin, FL (event date: 9/3/16)


“Brian and his staff were AMAZING! The crowd was non stop and he played the style we wanted! It was so fun! I HIGHLY recommend Brian for your DJ at any event! His set up and lighting was great and looked so professional! It was all so amazing! Everything was perfect!”
— Jennifer Giles, Sandestin, FL (event date: 8/27/16)


“DJ Brian B was such a great DJ for our wedding! He had the crowd dancing all night long! We received so many compliments on the music and the whole MC experience. Would definitely recommend to any bride to be!”
— Erin Mulligan, New York, NY (event date: 6/24/16)


“DJ Brian B Productions was first class. From his initial communication to understand our needs, to the end result of providing an engaging dance floor experience for our wedding guests. Choosing Brian, himself, was worth the extra cost in every way.”
— Terre Havener (Mother of the Bride), Pensacola Beach, FL (event date: 6/4/16)


“Our wedding planner recommended DJ Brian B to us and we couldn’t have been happier. He’s based on the east coast but his company has locations in I think NYC, Miami, LA and maybe Chicago if I remember correctly. Brian was great at articulating what he wanted from us ahead of time, and has a very easy do-it-yourself website set-up where you can list songs for each of your moments, creating dancing playlists, have your guests add songs themselves (we opted out of that but if you trusts someone’s music taste that could be helpful), and manage your contract. We didn’t always have a song in mind for a specific moment (i.e. after ceremony song), but Brian was took our style direction and filled in what he thought would work, and they always did. It was like he was in our head. We also had a couple calls with him to discuss our style, our guest dynamics and what we’re hoping to get out of him. He sent us some of his mix samples so we could give him feedback about what we liked or wanted him to tweak stylistically. What we most loved about Brian was that he didn’t just create a playlist and press play. His songs transitioned seamlessly and he has so many tricks up his sleeves to take traditional wedding music and add a modern touch. We were worried about getting our guests on the dance floor but he did a great job getting everyone engaged and we danced the night away. He made the night fly and we weren’t ready to go when the venue started kicking us out. Great job Brian and thank you!”
— Natalie Stratton, Silverado Canyon, CA (event date: 5/14/16)


“We absolutely loved working with Brian/B-Boy Productions! He was super nice and professional throughout the whole process and guests came up to us throughout the night commenting on how great the music was. He was really in-tune with our guests and the overall mood of the event and we couldn’t have asked for a better DJ. I highly recommend using B-Boy for your wedding/event–you won’t be disappointed!”
— Stefanie Blackburn, WaterColor, FL (event date: 4/9/16)


“Brian B is great to work with and will bring your event’s energy to the next level!”
— Leigha Inman (Emerald Coast Magazine), Destin, FL (event date: 4/8/16)


“We absolutely loved working with Brian/B-Boy Productions! He was super nice and professional throughout the whole process and guests came up to us throughout the night commenting on how great the music was. He was really in-time with our guests and the overall mood of the event and we couldn’t have asked for a better DJ. I highly recommend using B-Boy for your wedding/event–you won’t be disappointed!”
— Alison Hoover, Rosemary Beach, FL (event date: 3/20/16)


“I cannot say enough great things about B-Boy Productions, especially DJ Brian B. He did my sister’s wedding, so when I was planning mine a year later, I knew we had to have him. He’s professional, easy to work with, and when it’s time to party, he knows exactly what he’s doing. We gave him a few song requests prior to the wedding, and he took it from there, and our reception was exactly what we wanted…a non-stop dance party for all ages…and we had all ages…from my 1-year-old cousin to my 98-year-old great grandmother! And although we told him it was fine to take requests, no one needed to request anything because he played great song after great song. He is a “real” DJ, and he’s really good, so there’s no down time between songs, because he is actually mixing them. And when it’s time for him to MC, he’s just as great…not cheesy at all, just the perfect combination of fun and professional. I’m still getting compliments on how much fun the wedding was and comments like “Who was your dj?! I want to get married again just so I can have him do my wedding! He was awesome!” And he truly was…had we hired a different mc/dj (which was never even an option), or even a wedding band (which is what most people here do), I know it would not have been as amazing as it was. If you need an MC/DJ for any type of event, hire DJ Brian B (haven’t had the pleasure of working with any of the others from B-Boy) and you will not be disappointed!”
— Ashley Bowman, St Francisville, LA (event date: 10/24/15)


“My husband and I just recently married on August 29th in San Juan Capistrano. Brian B was our DJ and I have to say, I’ve been to quite a bit of weddings and he was by far the best DJ! He kept the crowd on the dance floor all night! He was professional, fun, and we could have not been happier! I hope all the DJs with B-Boy Productions is as awesome as Brian! Thank you again Brian for the great memories!”
— Deserie Ayala, San Juan Capistrano, CA (event date: 8/29/15)


“We were very happy with our DJ services! Brian was great from the start and was very patient and responsive with questions. He helped guide the flow of the evening and overall we are super pleased! He did an excellent job with our event and our guests just loved him! Nothing but positive feedback for Brian and B-Boy Productions!”
— Kristin Henley, Destin, FL (event date: 6/27/15)


“We had DJ Brian B for our wedding at the Emerald Grande in Destin. He did a great job of getting all the guests out on the dance floor right away until the very end of the reception! He also did a fantastic job as the MC and keeping everything on track from the cake cutting to the speeches. I had so many compliments from guests that it was one of their favorite experiences dancing at a wedding! Thanks again Brian!”
— Kellie Wall, Destin, FL (event date: 6/6/15)


“Brian Buonassissi with B-Boy Productions was our DJ for my daughter, Hannah’s wedding. We were so impressed with Brian. He kept in touch with us on a regular basis and he even made a father/daughter slide show for us. Everyone was crying! Brian had Shawn (MC) for the night and they worked well together. We would recommend B-Boy to anyone. They were so friendly and played all the music we loved. Everyone danced all night. The reception was supposed to end at 11:00 but we kept them until 12:00. Everyone had a blast! Thanks so much!”
— Karen Hickman (MOB), Sandestin, FL (event date: 5/17/15)


“Brian DJ’d and MC’d our wedding in Seaside, Florida last weekend. His music and mash-ups were so much fun – we had so many people on the dance floor all night, we were legitimately concerned that the dance floor may break! All of our guests said it was the best DJ they have ever heard at a wedding and multiple wedding guests asked us for Brian’s contact information following the wedding. Thank you, Brian, for making our wedding so fun!”
— Alex Higgins, Seaside, FL (event date: 5/16/15)


“Amazing DJ!! Brian and Shawn did an awesome job at making our reception fun and entertaining! They also made sure the entire night ran smoothly. It was perfect! I highly recommend them!”
— Sarah Green, Destin, FL (event date: 5/9/15)


“Our DJ, Brian B, was the best! The lights and the music was everything that we had in mind for our reception. Their prices for their services were very resonance and super easy to work with! This company is amazing!”
— Kerri Hutto, Santa Rosa Beach, FL (event date: 3/21/15)


“I don’t feel that my writing skills could adequately describe how incredible my wedding experience was largely because of this company and in my opinion their finest DJ, DJ Brian B. This company is very reputable, which is important when looking for a music vendor, because you want to know that your money is good hands. DJ Brian B took the time to find out my likes and dislikes, and the feel I was going for and exceeded my expectations. Before we could even cut the cake, the dance party was in full effect. When your 97 year old great grandma is wearing glow necklaces and your father is on the dance floor instead of watching football or scarfing down cake, you know your reception is unforgettable and mine was! I am constantly running into people who tell me how great my reception was and they always finish with “that DJ.” My advice, don’t cut costs on a DJ; they can make or break your reception, use B-Boy Productions; they are worth every penny and if DJ Brian B is available, get him while you can! So impressed and thankful for the B-Boy Productions team.”
— Brittney Bowman, Fort Walton Beach, FL (event date: 10/18/14)


“My husband and I can’t say enough about B-Boy Productions and Brian Buonassissi. After booking our venue, the DJ was next on my list and a very high priority for us for our wedding reception. The second we met Brian we knew we were in great hands. He is an absolute dream to work with. He is reliable, really listens to your feedback, and is beyond talented. He set the exact tone for both the ceremony and reception that we wanted. Our dance floor got going half way through cocktail hour and never stopped! B-Boy came highly recommended and even exceeded our expectations. Brian helped create our dream wedding and I can’t speak highly enough about him and his crew!”
— Brace Rice, Panama City Beach, FL (event date: 10/17/14)


“DJ Brian B killed it. I can’t tell you how many people have commented on our DJ and how sore they were the next day from dancing (and aren’t even dancers)! He got people on their feet and kept them there. Best wedding reception DJ ever!!”
— Lea Noe, Rosemary Beach, FL (event date: 9/27/14)


“DJ Brian B was awesome at our wedding as the DJ!!! All of our guests had an amazing time. We had an acoustic player Chris Alvarado that the ladies fell in love with. 🙂 Well maybe they fell in love with his singing voice. Dj Brian B made an amazing signature dance for my husband and I. I have been to so many weddings where the DJ’s were terrible, but Brian was awesome!!!!!!!! I would highly recommend him and the company.”
— Andrea and Nathan Fordham, Destin, FL (event date: 6/14/14)


“DJ Brian B exceeded all of our expectations as the DJ at our daughter’s wedding. In fact, my husband said he was the best DJ he had experienced in any venue he had ever attended. He kept the dance floor packed the entire wedding reception (and there was no alcohol at the reception). He was amazing with everyone from the young kids to the grandparents. I overheard a guest talking at the end of the reception. She said, ‘That was the most fun night I’ve ever had.’ What more can you say?”
— Kirsty Turpin (Mother of the Bride), Destin, FL (event date: 6/6/14)


“We could not have asked for a better DJ! The FIRST song he had everyone up on the dance floor! Brian killed it. Not only was he the nicest guy ever…he also traveled quite some ways to get to our barn wedding! He made sure to contact us prior and we got to work out every detail together and I even got to share playlists that I made with him. Brian did not disappoint; he made our whole reception run so smooth. Thanks Brian!!!!”
— Chad and Haley Helbling, Prospect, PA (event date: 5/23/14)


B-Boy Productions was AMAZING for our wedding on 5/10/14 at the Sandestin Bayview Room & Terrace! DJ Brian B was incredible. Brian did all the sound for our outside ceremony and cocktail hour. The entire reception was perfect. The dance floor was packed the entire time! We wanted a party and we got a party. Everyone had an amazing time. The mixing was awesome and exactly what we wanted (can’t wait to see our wedding video so I can re-live it) 🙂

The uplighting in the reception room was provided by B-Boy Productions (DJ Charles), which was perfect.

We also used B-Boy Productions for their Wedding Director services. We were very lucky to have Tara Buonassissi. She coordinated the rehearsal and the entire wedding day. Tara was on top of everything. From coordinating the ceremony, placing last minute decorations, bringing our gifts to our room during the reception, keeping track of my room keys for me :), I could go on and on. Kristin Iversen assisted Tara on our wedding day.

We also used B-Boy for the Officiant service. Pastor Scott Turbeville worked with us to make sure we were happy with the ceremony format and delivered it perfectly.

Can’t rave enough about B-Boy Productions, particularly Brian B and Tara!!
— Jen and Steven Delessio, Destin, FL (event date 5/10/14)


“Brian was awesome to work with.  He was eager to please and gave me tons of great song suggestions when I had a hard time coming up with mother/son and father/daughter dance songs.  He was super professional and all of our guests raved about the music and Brian!”
— Ashley and Brandon Johnson, Rosemary Beach, FL (event date 4/25/2014)


“DJ BRIAN BUONASSISSI WITH B-BOY PRODUCTIONS IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING TO WORK WITH, EXTREMELY PROFESSIONAL, SUPER HELPFUL, AND THE LIST GOES ON AND ON WITH THE GREAT EXPERIENCE MY HUSBAND AND I HAD FOR OUR WEDDING!!! The reception and the FUN part of the wedding was VERY IMPORTANT to us because everyone knows the DJ can either make or break the party, and BRIAN EXCEEDED ALL OF OUR EXPECTATIONS!!! We had an intimate wedding of roughly 60 people in the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort, at the Bayview Room and Terrace, and Brian had the dance floor packed from START to FINISH!!! There was NEVER an empty seat in the room…he even had Grandma dancing to Gangnam Style!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DJ BRIAN B TO ANYONE LOOKING TO HAVE NO WORRIES ON THEIR BIG, SPECIAL DAY!! My husband is Puerto Rican, so I was nervous to see who would dance to the Latin music on my side of the family…including myself…LOL…because that requires a certain kind of skill…BUT HE IS A GENIUS BECAUSE THE MUSIC JUST FLOWED BEAUTIFULLY AND IT SERIOUSLY DID NOT MATTER IF YOU WERE YOUNG, OLD, CAN DANCE AMAZING, TERRIBLE DANCER…LOL..THE POINT IS THAT EVERY SINGLE GUEST LEFT WITH A GREAT, AWESOME EXPERIENCE BECAUSE OF BRIAN!! It was scary selecting vendors I have never met and planning a destination wedding is hard, but his reviews, which are why I called him first, were outstanding!!! You cannot teach personality, and understanding or reading a crowd…you can’t train for those things, it really is a gift, and he has that!!! If you are skimming financially on certain things when you are planning for your wedding, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO NOT GO CHEAP ON CHOOSING DJ BRIAN BUONASSISSI!!! You may find cheaper but you seriously will MISS OUT on the quality and this is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE!!!! We hope to use DJ BRIAN B for other major events in our future!!!!!”
— Amber and Mito Domenech, Sandestin, FL (event date 4/4/2014)


“We were married in Hawaii and had two receptions, and we hired Brian as our DJ for our NYC reception. He exceeded our expectations. We spoke on the phone twice and I could tell he was a genuinely nice guy. He was very clear on set up so the look would be exactly what we wanted for our party without any surprises, and B-Boy Productions sets up an online client tool for each event that allows you to put in as much or as little detail for your event as your heart desires. We put in a few specifics and then let him do his thing.

One of the first things I noticed at the reception is Brian’s speaking voice; it is very pleasant in tone and his announcements sounded great. He also worked with us to coordinate music for our slideshow presentation and I just felt that he could roll with anything and be counted on — and he could — which allowed us to relax and enjoy the evening.

Another thing I appreciated was his desire to be clear on what WE wanted for the party. For instance, we didn’t want impromptu speeches so he never gave a microphone to anyone without asking us if it was okay – -and he did it in a subtle way. We were able to communicate with just a glance or a nod. I liked that he was very attentive and in sync with us the whole evening.

But no matter how nice a DJ is, you hire them for the music and their ability to get people dancing and this is where Brian really shines. He knows how to read a crowd and play the right music to keep everyone dancing, and that is just what he did. Anyone who approached him was greeted with a smile. He played all of our specific requests and was brilliant at mixing in (random) guest song requests. We found his music collection to be vast (as it should be) and if he doesn’t have a song (which we didn’t encounter), he will get it on the spot.

After seeing some of the iPhone videos of the reception at the end of the night (funny stuff) it is clear that Brian really kept the energy up and the party going without it being too “club-like” in feel. After all, it’s a wedding, not a rave. Everyone loved him — from the young to the old. Guests raved about him and we left our reception feeling like we had just thrown the best party in town.

If you are looking for a dependable, solid DJ who really gets it and can appeal to a wide age range, Brian’s your man. I can’t recommend him enough. We were extremely pleased with our reception and we will look to hire him again for future parties.!!”
– Anne D’Elia, New York, NY (event date 11/23/2013)


“When planning a wedding – hiring a DJ was very important to us. We wanted to ensure that the DJ was amazing to keep people having fun and dancing. We strongly believe that the DJ sets the entire tone of the wedding.
We hired Brian of B-Boy Productions to DJ our wedding in Montauk. It was difficult to find a DJ to go out to Montauk considering the distance – however, Brian was able to do it.
Before our wedding – he discussed with us our timeline of the wedding, song choices, and the overall flow. This really helped us envision our night.
We had a BIG hurtle to overcome. Our ceremony needed music and a mic on the beach and there was no electricity. Not only was Brian able to accomplish this but the sound quality was perfect.
I would literally recommend Brian to anyone having a wedding or any event. People were dancing and moving around the entire wedding – we actually had to SHUT DOWN the wedding. It is a hard feat to keep people dancing from 7pm-1am – and he accomplished it! He also surprised us with playing “What does the fox say” which is a song my friends and I have all been loving and laughing about.

If you are getting married or having any event – seriously LOOK NO FURTHER. Brian is the best and I am so happy we hired him!”
– Jessie Green, Montauk, NY (event date 9/20/2013)


“DJ Brian B is awesome!! We knew we were in great hands after our first call with him. Super organized, laid back, cool and personable, DJ Brian helped make our special day that much more amazing!

From the start, he helped us with building our playlist and quickly picked up our taste for music choices, which varies pretty widely. The timeline he created solidified our wedding day timeline… we felt at ease knowing that we were working with a true professional. He definitely went above and beyond! Most importantly, our wedding guests stayed on the dance floor and Brian even made a point to check in with us when some of our guests made song requests that he felt may not have been aligned with our choices.

Overall, an excellent decision to request Brian as our DJ for our big day. Thank you, Brian!!”
– Patty Ly, La Jolla, CA (event date 8/24/2013)


“We hired Brian to DJ our wedding in Milwaukee after hearing him at a friend’s wedding in Healdsburg, CA. After hearing him in person, I don’t believe we actually even looked into any other DJ because he was so awesome. He knows how to really read the crowd and get everybody up and dancing. We wanted a dance party for a wedding and we definitely got it. Brian is known for actually “DJ’ing” as in mixing songs – -not just playing one song after the next. He has a full on system set up to mix anything from Robin Thicke to Aerosmith and make it sound phenomenal. Brian was really easy to work with, accommodating, and was always available for a conference call throughout the planning process. He even flew in the night before to make sure there were no hang ups at the airport.”
— Sarah Hoeft and Dean Huber, Milwaukee, WI (event date 06/14/2013)


“We used B-boy Productions for a number of their services including; DJ, guitarist/vocalist, officiant and day-of-coordinator. The team exceeded every expectation. The day-of-coordinator helped me throughout the year leading up to our wedding. As a destination bride, she served as a point person and really helped my dream wedding come true. On the day of the wedding, she was non-stop and easily one of the hardest working vendors. The guitarist/vocalist learned a special song for us for the day-of and accompanied my father in law in that song. His voice and guitar skills are second to none. The DJ was absolutely amazing and kept the party going all night. He was able to keep everyone dancing from one song to the next and the party never stopped. The next day all the guests were requesting to get the wedding songs as mix on a podcast. Bboy helped make my wedding one of a kind. And many people told my parents later, it was the best wedding they have ever attended. I know Bboy had a huge part of making the day such a success.”
– Lindsey (Willard) Stephan, Destin, FL (event date 5/3/2013)


“We had Brian from BBoy at our Rosemary Beach wedding. We could not have asked for a better DJ. He was consistent the whole way through our process, from the planning to the night of our big day. Brian listened to what we wanted and had people jamming!! He comes HIGHLY recommended.”
– Chelsea (Steed) and David Murphy, Rosemary Beach, FL (event date 4/27/2013)


“We hired B-Boy Productions for our wedding, and I absolutely couldn’t be happier with the decision. Brian was seriously great to work with. We briefed him on what we were looking for and he just got it. Everything was done right. Our wedding was in Florida, where most people are used to a band, so it was a tough assignment. But Brian got everyone up and dancing the entire time. The sign of a good DJ is when not a single drunk aunt approaches the booth to request a song. That’s exactly what we had. (And we got to avoid Sly & the Family Stone in the process.) I’d recommend B-Boy for any occasion where you need a DJ. Versatile, accommodating, and knows how to get people on the dance floor. Couldn’t have asked for better service.”
— Courtney and David W of Williamsburg, NY (event date 4/20/2013)


We loved our experience with B-Boy Productions, they really made our wedding a blast! We worked with our DJ, Brian, months out and were given a personal log on to their website so we could select music and the special songs we wanted to hear at our wedding. The website was very user friendly and had lots of suggestions for every special song. We worked in a special dance after our grand entrance and Brian was right on cue cutting out our slow song and transitioning into our choreographed number. There were people on the dance floor all night and guests continue to tell us what a fun wedding we had and how they loved the music!
– Brooklyn and Ben Earle, Point Loma, CA (event date 3/30/2013)


Great music! The dance floor was full the entire time they played!
– Heidi Maclin (MOB), Destin, FL (event date 12/30/2012)


Brian was fantastic! He played great music and had a wonderful attitude. Will definitely book again for another event.
– Jamie Farthing, San Diego, CA (event date 10/27/2012)


Absolutely amazing!!! Thank you all so very much for making our day perfect!!! The sound system on the beach was just the perfect touch for the ceremony! And the reception was WOW! The uplighting was gorgeous!!!! You even put lighting under the cake table which I did not expect, it was a lovely surprise!!!! Thank you!!! Brian everyone kept commenting on how great you are at what you do!! You read the crowd perfectly!!! I would most definitely recommend you to anyone!!! I couldn’t have picked a better DJ if I tried! Thank you again Brian!!!!!
– Lynette Reedy, Fort Walton Beach, FL (event date 10/25/2012)


We used Brian for our wedding in Rosemary Beach a few weeks ago. Both myself and my wife were very skeptical about using a DJ as we had both been to plenty of weddings with terrible cheesy DJs. However, Brian came very highly recommended. I can honestly say I thought he was the best part of our wedding. He absolutely crushed it. It also wasn’t him just playing songs–he was actively mixing songs together the whole time like a true DJ. There were also no gaps in the music so people did not have a chance to leave the dance floor. We got TONS of compliments about him afterwards from guests. He was very professional the whole time as well–we told him exactly what we wanted (no cheese, keep people dancing, etc) and he delivered. He also has a very convenient online system where you can put in the songs you would like to have him play and any songs you don’t want him to play. I can’t say enough good things about him. If you are hiring a DJ anywhere Brian works, get him. Totally worth the price.
– Brad and Lauren Heffern, Rosemary Beach, FL (event date 9/15/2012)


“Thanks to B-Boy Productions for making my wedding day perfect. I would like to give a special thanks to Christine Walker for being there for me from the beginning to end. She provided me with excellent service and she was very genuine which made working with a her a joy. Her Assistant Brittany was awesome and very kind. Joe and Duane provided wonderful music and kept the crowd on the dance floor the entire night. Thanks for making my wedding day the most memorable day of my life!!”
– Merika Moore, Destin, FL (event date 9/15/2012)


Amazing!!! From day one I knew B-Boy Productions was the way to go. I basically gave them a few songs and gave them the freedom to do what they do. I was not disappointed! Our wedding was a mix of children, young adults, middle age adults all the way up to our Nan and EVERYONE was on the floor dancing. I had so many compliments on how fantastic our music was and all I could say was “it was all Brian!” After my 1st phone conversation with Brian I knew I was not going to have to worry about anything on the music/DJ end of things. I gave them the freedom to do what they do best and it was a worth it!! I don’t think I left the dance floor once. I have 3 girlfriends getting married in the next 5 months and all 3 of them asked for B-Boy’s information. I would recommend B-Boy Productions to anyone for any event. Just let them do what they do, you will not be disappointed in any way!!
– Natalie Voorhes, Destin, FL (event date 9/14/2012)


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