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Dave Lander

Headliner DJ/MC

Dave Lander
Vibe curator extraordinaire and one of the most diverse and accomplished DJs in the U.S, “Digital Dave” performs at over 300 events annually including nightclubs, radio mixshows, luxury weddings, and both professional (he’s the in-house DJ for the Pittsburgh Steelers) and collegiate (University of PA) sporting events. Digital Dave’s deep knowledge of music from Motown to hip hop to indie rock to 80’s & 90’s to pop & EDM allows him to customize the perfect set for you and your guests, while his background in weddings, corporate events and radio makes him a great host & MC.


Connect With Me:

“Dave was incredible to work with! He was the first and only DJ we met with in deciding on which DJ to use for our wedding. It was a no brainer for us. Dave is a detailed professional. We were pretty particular and specific when it came to planning our music, lights, etc. Dave exceeded our expectations!”
— Nathan (event date: 9/12/20)


“Dave was the perfect DJ! He made the process extremely easy and totally understood what we were looking for. Our friends and family couldn’t stay off the dance floor. I cannot recommend him enough!”
— Lauren (event date: 1/11/20)


“Dave is An absolute experience. Professional, reliable, attentive, specific, talented. He created the reception of our dreams. My guests are still raving. His method is cool, classy, scientific. His mixing is pure engagement of the crowd. So exciting! So fun! Love. Love. Love.”
— Megan (event date: 12/31/19)


“Dave is truly a professional, trustworthy from start to finish. We met him once then corresponded over email for which he is quite reliable. He showed up at our wedding reception and showed out!! He will read your crowd and mix to their vibe. It is so fun!! He IS an experience!!”
— Leah (event date: 12/28/19)


“When choosing a DJ for our wedding, we knew that we wanted someone good because guests attending your reception only care about a couple of things and one of those things is the music. After discovering Dave and after a few phone calls we knew that we had to have him for our wedding. He completely exceeded our expectations. From the second the dance floor opened up, I don’t think a single guest left the dance floor until the last song was played. Everyone loved him so much they were all chanting “one more song!” after our last song was played so naturally Dave played one more song! I’ve never been to a wedding where that has ever happened! He is a true DJ and really knows what he is doing. And also he is good at reading the crowd and knowing what is going to keep people out there on the dance floor. My husband and I can not recommend him enough! He definitely made it a night that we will NEVER forget, and for that we are forever thankful.”
— Samantha (event date: 11/30/19)


“Dave was one of our very first vendors we booked and we were so happy and pleased with him as our DJ for our wedding. He’s by far one of the best DJ’s I’ve ever come across. He was all around amazing and our wedding wouldn’t have been what it was without him. He is very professional and super talented to say the least. He was so easy to work with and got exactly what music we liked. We got so many compliments on how much people liked the music and had such a fun time. Our black and white patterned vinyl dance floor got a lot of use that night because of him.
One thing I do regret is ending our reception at 11pm as I wish we had extended it to 11:30pm so we could dance more. This was our choice to end at 11pm and no one else’s but had I known I would have extended it a bit more. I didn’t want the night of fun to end!
My husband and I would highly recommend him! Guests always remember the food and music and this holds true. He will make your wedding and guests will be talking about how much fun they had for years to come.”
— Dina (event date: 7/20/19)