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Kenny Bray

Headliner DJ/MC

Kenny Bray
With national endorsements from Pioneer, Rane and V-Moda, Kenny Bray (aka DJ “Brayks”) is one of the nation’s finest showman DJs. His ability to add the art of “scratching” over any beat has left many crowds with their jaws dropped. He does it in such a way that only adds to the show and doesn’t distract (no easy feat.). There’s literally not a genre this DJ has not be able to dominate. Whether it’s all the latest mainstream tracks, to throwbacks, to a hip hop show, to an EDM festival, Kenny Bray makes it seem as though he’s been playing in those genres for his entire career (which, technically, he has!). Currently, Kenny Bray is touring the US and plays a variety of public and private events.


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